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Monday inspiration: Ben Does Life in Seattle

Seattle runner Devon Mills recently sent us this note:

I first read about Ben Davis’s 120-pound weight loss on the Brooks Blog in September. Since then, I’ve followed his blog, and even met up with him and other Seattle runners when he was in town.

He stops in various cities and holds “Do Life” meetups, where anyone can show up and run an unofficial 5K with him and then share a meal. My boyfriend Aaron and I put together a video of the Seattle meetup, which was really fun — and the video has already inspired many people to get active or get back into “Doing Life.”

Also, it looked like Ben was rocking Brooks shoes at the meetup!

Ben Davis photo by Aaron Pass

Ben Davis photo by Aaron Pass

I also just bought my first pair of Brooks shoes — women’s Defyance 4 — and am LOVING them so far! I’m about to start training for my first half marathon and couldn’t be more excited.

-Devon Mills

Thanks, Devon, for sharing your story! We’re glad to help you Run Happy!

> Devon Mills’s running blog: http://devonrunning.tumblr.com
> Aaron Pass Photography: http://aaronpass.tumblr.com
> Future “Does Life” meetup details on Ben’s blog: http://bendoeslife.tumblr.com/post/3311006292/official-do-life

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  1. Janine Jome

    I have also been inspired to give running a try by Ben Davis. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it until I bought a a pair of Brooks Ariel. I have suffered with shin splints anytime I have tried to exercise for over 20 years. A week before buying these shoes I walked for 20 minutes and felt like my shins had been beaten with a bat for two days. From day one of buying these shoes I have had no pain. I am 39 years old and starting at 320 pounds. I wouldn’t have made it 3 weeks into a Couch to 5K program without these shoes!

    Thanks to my Brooks Ariel and Ben Davis I am changing my life! For myself, for my husband, for my son, for life!

  2. Sock Runner

    Visited Ben Davis’ blog. He looks like a really nice guy and very inspired. 120 pounds is a lot to achieve. So, Kudos to you, Ben! When is the marathon you’re joining, btw?

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