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Meet the Brooks Team: Nikki D’Amico

At our recent employee meeting, Nikki won the Launch Award for being the “Rookie of the Year” and making an instant impact. Since joining Brooks in 2010, Nikki has single-handedly upped the visual presentation of our brand online, building out entire sections of our website and adding information that highlights our technologies. She’s a great teammate – and I’m lucky to sit next to her.

Name: Nikki D’Amico

Job: Web Marketing Coordinator

Currently running in, and why: The Launch for my everyday runs because I love the way the shoe wraps my foot, leaves me unencumbered and doesn’t weigh me down on my runs.



The Cascadia for my trail runs because it gives me great traction and comfort in all conditions and terrain.

Cascadia 6

Cascadia 6

Favorite apparel, and why: Infiniti Short IIbecause it fits me just right, doesn’t chafe, and the holster pockets are great for my key card when my run gets pushed back in the day.

Infiniti Short II

Infiniti Short II

Currently training for: Nothing in particular, just not being too terribly out of shape and any random race that sounds fun.

What you do when you’re not running: Snowboard, rock climb, make books/journals, work on my couch lounging abilities

Favorite race distance: it’s a close match between the 200m and the mile. I love the 200 because it’s all out no thinking, but I don’t quite have the required speed. I love the mile because it’s quick, but you have to be patient at the same time and the amount of strategy, along with all that can go right or wrong during a 4-5 min race is fascinating to me

Favorite place to run: Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA

Favorite running memory: There are so many, but just the collective memories of my first month running in college and really experiencing trail running for the first time; I’m pretty sure I was smiling on every run for that month.

Race – or place – you dream about running: Just learned about the Dipsea Race in Northern California. It’s supposedly the oldest trail race in America and the course looks beautiful and crazy challenging.

Running strategy: Have fun and try not to take it too seriously

What makes you Run Happy? Being on a great trail with great friends

Favorite running music: Nature. I can’t seem to run with music because I like being able to hear my surroundings

Favorite TV Show: My go-to-show is most likely Friends, but I can’t get enough of Family Guy, The Office, and Futurama

Favorite team: WWU XC…gotta support the alma mater

Favorite movie: I’m kind of addicted to movies so this is a tough one, but Elf and 90s Sandler movies are definitely top picks

Favorite book: Another one that’s hard to land on one, but Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Night by Elie Wiesel are up there

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I'm a runner, writer, and traveler who loves running half marathons. I live in Seattle with my much faster husband and two rescue cats. I also have an inexplicable affection for otters.
  1. jim warring

    Dear Nikki

    I have a friend Adam Duncan. We are detectives at the Bartlesville Police Department in Oklahoma. Adam used to weigh over 300lbs and now weighs 150. He has just ran in and completed his first marathon in Houston. Adam has lost the weight and changed his life only by running and diet change. He only wears Brooks shoes. I have before and after pictures of him and this is a real succucess story. I feel its worth a look from Brooks on this man and his lif change.

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