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Brooks Cascadia 6

The Cascadia 6 in its natural habitat

The Cascadia 6 in its natural habitat

Trail runners rejoice — the Cascadia 6 is available now! We added our adaptable Brooks DNA cushioning to the heel and forefoot of the Cascadia, creating customized comfort and a shoe that adapts to different surfaces. In addition, we made sure the midfoot saddle is our most conformable and adjustable, offering an unsurpassed glove-like fit to almost any foot, and further perfecting the locked-in feel for ultra-stability. Then we added a medial forefoot pivot post with four points of contact – providing 4×4-like suspension in a much more sustainable way. Oh, and we added all that while making the shoe nearly an ounce lighter. Sweet!

We don’t sacrifice performance for sustainability — or vice-versa. Virtually every component of the Cascadia 6 has an environmentally friendly back story to wow any eco-crusader. You’ll be able to handle unpredictable terrain with ease and savor the sights and sanctuary of nature, knowing you have a hand (and foot) in its preservation. No greenwashing here – meaningful environmental progress goes hand in hand with off-road performance in the best trail shoe out there.

Check out the full range of colors for men and women below:

Brooks Men's Cascadia 6 in Slam

Brooks Men

Brooks Women's Cascadia 6 in Lime Punch

Brooks Women

Brooks Men's Cascadia 6 in Earl

Brooks Men

Brooks Women's Cascadia 6 in Fossil

Brooks Women

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  1. Chris

    I picked up a pair and took them out for 5 mile trail run. Definite improvement over the 4 and 5! The ride height feels better and overall I feel more connected to the terrain than I did in the previous versions.

    Matty: the do feel a little roomier around the ball of the foot and I find that my big toe doesn’t rub against the side of the shoe the way it did in the 4 and 5. Hope that helps.

  2. mtnrunner2

    Matty – I’ve worn this line for years and the width feels about the same to me, but I should note it seems to widen a bit with wear. I take it you don’t run in Adidas, La Sportiva or regular Nikes? 🙂 My foot is a bit wide too and those brands pinch my foot.

    The toe has more room — thanks Brooks designers!

    Is the midfoot slightly indented compared to last year? That’s my impression. Feels lower and the outsides of the foot seem to slope up very slightly.

    Tread – wait and see. I’ll have to see how this behaves on CO technical trails. Slightly different in the middle zone.

  3. AZrunner

    mtnrunner2 – definitely let us know about how the tread behaves, especially on rock. This was a big shift from previous models so I’m warry to buy until I hear some reviews. Thanks.

  4. Aaron

    I don’t know how they compare to the older Cascadias, but someone with a wide foot- usually get a 2E or 4E- the current Cascadia 6 fits well. Unlike some shoes, I didn’t have to size up a half or more to get my foot to fit.

    Ha! I was thinking the same thing, but flipped- I wish I could get a men’s in a color scheme more like the Lime Punch rather than the funky red! 🙂

  5. mtnrunner2

    AZrunner – I’ve run enough in the Cascadia 6 now to conclude that the tread is at least as good as the 5. In fact on ice, I think they are better with the new tread pattern. I happened to run some trails with mud and ice, then I swapped for a new pair of Cascadia 5s and ran the same stuff, and I was slipping more.

    I noticed that another CO blogger came to the same conclusion independently (we even run on some of the same trails).

    Not sure about rain on rock, but I’m pretty confident it will work better on wet rock too, because the round knobs don’t have a flat surface to them. Just a guess.

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