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Brooks Trance™ 10 vs. Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 11: What’s the difference?

Women's Trance 10



Men's Trance 10



Women's Adrenaline GTS 11



Men's Adrenaline GTS 11


We are frequently asked what the real difference is between the Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 11 (the newest version of our award-winning, most popular, best-selling Go To Shoe) and brand new Brooks Trance™ 10.

Both shoes provide support for the same type of runner: the moderate overpronator. With that said, there are a few key differences between these shoes:

– One of the biggest differences is the fit. The Adrenaline™ GTS 11 has its signature “midfoot wrap”, now enhanced with an adjustable stretch lacing system for a secure, foot-hugging fit so that you’ll feel “at one” with the shoe. In comparison, the Trance™ 10 feels like it has a roomier, wider toe box.

– The Trance™ 10 now features our patent-pending Brooks® DNA technology, with full-length DNA adaptive cushioning. By contrast, the Adrenaline only has DNA pods in the heel and the forefoot.

– The materials in the upper of the Trance™ are top-of-the-line premium plush and softer, which adds to the cost. It’s the Cadillac of shoes.

Both shoes are great for moderate pronators, but the difference is in the ride. The Adrenaline™ GTS 11 gives me a snugger fit, making me feel a little more “in touch”. The Trance™ 10 feels like running on clouds — super comfortable. I happen to prefer the GTS, but it’s personal preference. That’s why we make different types of shoes, after all.

> Check out the Adrenaline™ GTS 11 for women
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> Check out the Trance™ 10 for men

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  1. fifre

    I am the happy owner of Adrenaline GTS 10 (second pair in 2 years). I need to renew them, i am hesitating between the GTS11 and the Trance. GTS 11 seemed to be the less risky solution, i have suffered minor pain in knee with most of the other brands, the Trance look like the nicer think…your advice?

  2. Sunny Delaney

    The Trance will give you a roomier fit and a bit more cushioning. But if you’ve been happy with the Adrenaline GTS 10s, you’ll love the 11s too. As I said above, I probably do 75% of my running in the Adrenalines. I’m not alone — they’re our most popular shoe (for a reason!)

    We do currently have a cool promotion going on through March 31, 2011 — it’s our Trance 90-Day Guarantee. Buy a pair of Trance 10s from a participating retailer and you have 90 days to try them out. If you’re not completely happy with them, you can return them, no questions asked. So maybe try a pair out? If you don’t love them, switch back to the Adrenalines. Win-win. 🙂

    Here’s the link to the Trance guarantee information:,default,pg.html

  3. D. English

    The fit of the Adrenaline 11 is pretty similar to the previous model from what I can tell. I will say this though, the 11’s might have a tiny tiny bit more volume in the upper (so maybe even try a half size smaller if need be, just a suggestion). It still has that great ride, and is quite the favorite among customers who shop at the running store I work at.

    As for the Trance 10, I gotta say a much better design than last year’s “Canoe-like” model. Not sure if it is the new look, or the fact that they added their Brooks “DNA” into it, rather than that MoGo stuff, but Bravo! I would not be surprised, if people have a hard time deciding between this shoe, or the Adrenalines ( People might even go with both). If I were the Asics Kayanos, I’d say I’d have some good competition this year.

  4. jay

    I have the trance 10’s and i have to say… i hate them. My last pair of runners were the addidas supernovas and before that ALL brooks. Maybe it’s the new rubbery gel (i think i prefer the actual gel) but the trances just feel cheap. the stripe across the toe can be felt as you run too, and the rubber wears a lot faster then my last adidas. With that said…. im bringin em back!

  5. GTS10

    The fit of the GTS11 is NOT the same as the previous model. I am quite disappointed in Brooks for not following the same platform. The GTS11 is so narrow that I have two pressure points on both sides of my feet. Not cool. I understand the desire for upgrades, but Brooks, you should really reconsider. Bring back the GTS10, or at least allow for custom orders of older models. I am sure I am not the only one in this position. Because here’s what’s going to happen: I will go out there and will find another brand that would fit me better, since the GTS11 is NOT the best fit for me. Thanks.

  6. GTS10-GelNimbus-GTS11

    I’m a former GTS 10, changeover to Gel Nimbus 10,11, and 12 now back to GTS 11 guy. I tried a pair of the Trance 6 years ago and they felt flimsy, was wondering if same carried over to the Trance 10s. I’m digging the GTS 11s and I found with the GTS 10s that they were narrow and shallow so I ordered a Wide in the GTS 11s when they came out. I find them far more comfortable in the wides, still feel like one with the shoe but not uncomfortable with thicker socks. Still unsure about the Trance 10s. Also, the GTS 11 Wides allow for Sof Sole “Airr Performance” inserts that make the ride phenomenal with great cushion and quick transition without substantial addition of weight, still plenty comfort after 13milers with no knee pain.

  7. David

    Just returned my first pair of Brooks running shoes the Men’s Trance 10. Purchased the half size bigger as suggested on this site (good job I did). Arrived with stitching missing attaching the tongue to the shoe and on one shoe the tongue was partially detached. Hate the plastic bit around the front of shoe you can feel it. I normally wear 2E so that’s what I ordered, these are a very narrow 2E, 3E would have been better but not available.

  8. Lisa R.

    I love my Trance 10’s for long runs, but, the weight becomes a problem for Tempo’s and speed work. I recently purchased the Adrenaline GTS 11s. I switched from the GTS 10s to the Trance 9 due to the “stiffness” of the GTS 10s. My first run in my new Adrenaline GTS 11s was very nice- smooth, comfy, and my legs felt “lighter”. However, I did notice some leg soreness after 4 miles. Bottom line- Trance 10s provide full support/cushion, but are heavier. Adrenaline GTS 11s- you can feel the forefoot and heel cushions,without feeling as “weighed down”.

  9. Lynn

    I wore the GTS since 6…somewhere around 10, they stopped feeling as good and I switched to the Trance. Im IN LOVE again with my Brooks!

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