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A Wear Tester’s Success Story

April 2010 - Wear Tester Gordon after setting a half marathon PR

April 2010 - Gordon after setting a half marathon PR

As part of our quest to engineer the best running footwear and apparel in the world, we’re always looking to make improvements. And when we envision the future of running footwear, we look to you. Our research team works with “Lab Rats” who can participate in studies at our biomechanics lab in Bothell as well as wear testers across the U.S.

We recently received a report from one of our wear testers, Gordon Harvey, who feared that perhaps he had made himself ineligible for the program. When he started with us in 2009, he weighed 231 pounds and ran in Motion Control shoes – notably the Brooks Beast.

April 2009: Gordon at 231 pounds

April 2009: Gordon at 231 pounds

Now, 16 months later, he has lost 70 pounds, recently completed his first triathlon, and has changed his running form enough to shift his shoe type from Motion Control (Beast) to Support (Trance 9) and now to Neutral (Ghost 3).

August 2010 - Gordon at 160 pounds

August 2010 - Gordon at 160 pounds

Gordon tells us that his marathon pace was 12:45-minute miles in December 2009, but he will run his “first marathon as a skinny guy” in November 2010 and is looking to finish “much faster” – he’s running his long runs in 8:37-minute miles now.

Now, we can’t say that it’s JUST the shoes… and your results may vary. But Gordon – of course you’ll still be in the program. You’ll just be testing different types of shoes.

Good luck in your upcoming races Gordon – we’re thrilled to help you Run Happy!

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