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Meet the Official Chile World Cup Football Jersey by Brooks

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on being the only brand in the world offering footwear, apparel, and accessories designed exclusively for the runner. Occasionally, however, we do make exceptions. . .

Brooks is proud to sponsor the Chilean National Soccer team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™—their seventh World Cup appearance. Chile finished second in their World Cup qualifications group, second only to Brazil. In 1962, Chile was honored to host the FIFA World Cup and finished third.

The Brooks Chile World Cup Jersey was designed with advanced materials and the local taste of the Chilean players in mind.

Using a more intense red compared to the team’s previous jersey, it carries unique markings inside the neckline that read “Con Futbol Todos Ganamos,” meaning “With Soccer Everyone Wins." A strong copper color accent was added to celebrate Chile’s rich natural resources such as copper. The jersey’s numbers are two-colored white and copper, similar to the style used by the European teams.

Brooks developed advanced jersey fabrics especially for Chile’s World Cup jersey. The first base fabric is a highly durable, 100% polyester Jacquard with elastic stretch. The fabric’s exterior uses micro pores while the inside uses a panel-cell construction to maximize moisture management. This construction, together with the “Aircool” fiber technology, allows for rapid evaporation of sweat by pulling moisture from the fabric’s larger surface-area inner cells and ventilating through the exterior pores. The result is a 30% improvement in the acceleration of moisture wicking.

A second technical fabric with a mesh construction is strategically placed around seams and high-perspiration areas. This allows for maximum air circulation which helps regulate the body temperature and keeps the player cool and comfortable. is fortunate to be able to offer a limited quantity of the Brooks Chile Team Jersey for purchase.

If you’re a Brooks and World Cup fan, don’t delay! Go Chile! Go Brooks!

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  1. pbunyar

    Nice kit! Now it would be great if you made their shoes too. I know, I know, you are all about running. But one does a lot of running while playing soccer. ; )

  2. Tom Z

    Great to see. Brooks also sponsors the Chilean National Rugby Team! Would love to see Brooks Rugby gear supplied in the USA, maybe a future sponsor of the USA Eagles Rugby Team???

  3. Marcos

    Rubbish effort.

    One of our best teams will be wearing this jersey that may have taken an amateur design team 15 minutes to do.

    please stick to your niche market i.e. sport shoes and let the professionals -Adidas or Puma do what they do best, design classic football jerseys.

  4. Paul Siu

    Could you tell us more on the decision to sponsor a World cup team this year? Soccer is not a major sport in US and your company focus on Running equipments. Are there any big change in your business strategy?

  5. Alejandro Nova

    There is the belief that this shirt is comissioned by Forus, a Chilean company, who’s using the Brooks brand under license. Also, it sealed a questionable deal with the past National Football president.

    After this world cup, either Brooks gives soccer the chance it needs into its portfolio, or Chile will go Adidas, Puma or Nike, specially after a pair of victories against Honduras and Switzerland. I would go for the first… after all, as a Chilean, I like to have a 100% original design not having anything to do with Nike’s overused templates…

  6. juan

    FUCK brooks these motherfuckers didn’t even know they had been sponsoring a football team until the world cup was about to start i can’t wait for Chile to get the fuck out of this piece of shit brand…the design is fucking hideous!!!!!!!!!!!! …where was the site for your 2 other previous jerseys you guys had horrifically designed???? yea thats what i fucking thought…FUCK BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cesc

    We all do respect Brooks, PLEASE, STICK TO RUNNING SHOES. I bought the Chilean National Jersey, and the material, the design, the neck, and width of the jersey is nothing but a bad attempt to increase your profit margin. I own about 30 different jerseys. And this one is by far, the only one I regret buying. I went to the World Cup. There, you could find apparel for ALL the teams at the cup EXCEPT guess which country… Chile.

  8. T.T.Boy

    I heard that Brooks will be sponsoring Jonn Stong’s next big project – Ass Cream Pies # 27! Go Brooks!


    Lexington Steele

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