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BioMoGo: Keeping Your Run Cushioned and Greener

Q: What’s durable, cushioning, and will save close to 30 million pounds of landfill waste in an estimated time period of 20 to 25 years?

A: BioMoGo. The world’s first biodegradable midsole delivers a premium plush ride while on your feet. Then, when you’re ready to permanently retire your Brooks running shoes, it becomes an irresistible feast for microbes once it hits an active enclosed landfill. Microbial munching turns BioMoGo midsoles into nutrients and humus 50 times faster than a traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) midsole.

BioMoGo made its debut in the Trance™ 8 in July 2008, and is now available in most of Brooks Men’s and Women’s high-performance running shoes.

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  1. Miriam

    I look forward to looking into this material more. I think it’s quite interesting that the claim seems to indicate that the midsole will degrade in traditional landfill (where many biodegradables need commercial scale compost facilities).

    How is this special midsole indicated on the shoe itself? (I’ll be looking at my Cascadias when I get home tonight)

  2. penelope_at_brooks

    Thanks for your comment, Miriam.

    Actually, if you read the blog post closely, you will see that BioMoGo’s exceptional biodegradation rate takes place in an ENCLOSED ACTIVE LANDFILL–not a traditional landfill.

  3. Miriam

    Hi Penelope, I would like to write a blog post about this (I’m always excited when companies use plastics in ways that are better for the planet), but I want to understand a little more about the process by which the midsoles degrade (so often the problem isn’t the product it’s the facilities available to the consumer for waste disposal).

    Can you provide me with examples of municipalities which have the ideal infrastructure in place for the midsole to do their magic? Should consumers separate the midsole from the rest of the shoe before disposing of it? Please feel free to take this conversation to e-mail.

    BTW my Cascadias do have the mogo symbol on them. I just had no idea what it stood for.

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