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Andre Kriwet, Director of Brooks Footwear Merchandising, Responds to Barefoot Running Discussion

Hi all,

My name is Andre Kriwet and I am the Director of Footwear Merchandising at Brooks Sports. I have been working on and with running shoes for the last 22 years. My team and I are responsible to set the direction of the running footwear line for the future. So with that said, I can only tell you that I love to read the passionate comments you guys posted: Thank you for caring!

I will not take sides on the barefoot discussion but rest assured that we hear you and are super excited and inspired by your thoughts and ideas. We at brooks do only one thing: running. No tennis, no football or climbing. Our only goal and success is when we get it right for YOU! If we learned that we can reduce injuries by putting the left shoe on the right foot and vice versa we would do just that. It is a unique time right now, a time of new beginnings in a way, a lot of questions and great discussion like in this blog: Minimalist shoes, how you run, how you train, why you run, and how the footwear industry goes about reducing injuries.

I cannot tell you too much here right now (you know, our competitors will read this as well: Hi there J, by the way) but we, as one of the leading running shoe brands, have a lot of innovative stuff cooking that will excite you and answer many of the questions you have today. So please trust us, we hear you! And we really care about your opinion since you help me shape the future of the footwear line.

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