Oct | 22
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Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10 vs. Trance™ 9: What’s the difference?

One of the questions we frequently get asked is: What’s the real difference between the Brooks Adrenaline™ GTS 10 (the newest version of our best-selling Go To Shoe) and our other shoe in the support category, the Trance 9 ?

Someone who wears the Adrenaline™ GTS 10 could also wear the Trance 9 , as they provide support for the same type of runner: the moderate overpronator. With that said, there are a few key differences between these shoes:

– One of the biggest difference is the fit. The Adrenaline™ GTS 10 has its signature "midfoot wrap." (“Midfoot wrap” is how the upper of the shoe conforms to the middle of the foot. Not just the arch, but also the side of the foot. With a snug midfoot wrap you get a shoe that feels “at one” with the foot.) In comparison, the Trance 9 can feel like it has a roomier, wider toe box.

– The Trance™ 9 provides much more cush in both the heel and the forefoot by using our biggest HydroFlow® XL pad.

– The materials in the upper of the Trance™ are top-of-the-line premium plush and softer, which adds to the cost.