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Brooks B*R*A*S*H Tent at #ChicagoMarathon Expo!

Twitter was all, well, atwitter today with first photos of our awesome M*A*S*H-style expo booth at the Chicago Marathon expo. Brooks is offering free podiatrist consultations and gait analyses to runners and expo attendees who sign up at the booth (#733).

But that’s not all. Everyone who participates receives dog tags worth a chance to win prizes. Simply walk your dog tags over to the retail area of the booth to see if you’ve won! Prizes include 10 head-to-toe Brooks outfits, 50 pairs of shoes, 250+ cotton T-shirts, and 150 water bottles. The odds of winning something? Pretty, pretty good.

The B*R*A*S*H (Brooks Running Athlete Support Hospitality) is open till 8 p.m. tonight, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow. Get there early to snag an appointment!

Check out these awesome Twitpics posted by our pals at Fleet Feet Chicago (@FleetFeetChgo). Click on any image to see the full photo post at Twitpic. Nice shots, guys and gals!

Stop by @brooksrunning for a check-up at the expo! on Twitpic B*R*A*S*H @brooksrunning booth at Chi Marathon Expo! on Twitpic Fully staffed at the B*R*A*S*H tent. @brooksrunning on Twitpic B*R*A*S*H poster! @run262jb @brooksrunning on Twitpic A Gatorade still to hydrate the B*R*A*S*H patients! @brooksru... on Twitpic Ready for the next patient! #cm09 @brooksrunning on Twitpic The long and winding journey to the Chi Marathon! @brooksrunning on Twitpic Calling patient 81! That is all. @brooksrunning on Twitpic


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