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#Run_Happy Friday Tweet Winners 05/08/09

Thanks to everyone who entered our impromptu #Run_Happy® contest on Twitter yesterday. We asked runners to tell us “What Makes You Run Happy®?” The prize? A limited-edition Run Happy® Mesh Cap to the top four entries—as deemed by our panel of judges. As you will see, it was tough to pick just four. Congratulations to all of the winners! Each is definitely worth following on Twitter, as are we: @brooksrunning.

Brooks' Limited-edition Run Happy Mesh Cap

The Top 3 Vote-Winning Run Happy® Tweets (Winners 1-3):

@amlemus: #Run_Happy is finding peace on a 10 miler when your world is in chaos. That and eating pizza whenever I want.

@TheHappyRunner: #Run_Happy — Just getting outside and running hard, enjoying what my body is capable of, makes me happy!

@disneyrunner: I run because every stride I can take , like every breath and every day, is a gift not to be wasted

A 3-Way Tie for Run Happy® Tweet Winner 4:

@jeherv: when all the pain goes away and it’s just me and the street and that wonderful feeling of moving

@jboeve: #Run_Happy Running in the Dunes until I get lost. Running until I find my way back is one of the most empowering things I do.

@mitchmajeski: #Run_Happy “Lazy Me” lives on a path of least resistance. When I run, he loses & that makes me happy

A Trio of Run Happy® Tweet Honorable Mentions:

@ahanu: min or miles gritting your teeth in antic of moment all pain ebbs & reach perfect stride and u feel u can accomplish anything

@mudsweatbeers: The moment when feet that’ve been pounding in a slowly-building rhythm suddenly… disappear. Http://

@npjohnson: I’m not giving birth this year so I decided to train for a half marathon.

Winners and Honorable Mentions need to send or DM me their name and shipping address. Your cap should arrive within 2-3 weeks (probably sooner).


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