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New Racing Flats for Spring: The Brooks T6 Racer and Racer ST 4

Brooks T6 Racer

Brooks T6 Racer

Now available for hungry road racers everywhere: the Brooks T6 Racer and Racer ST 4.

Simply put, these two shoes define performance for racing flats on all competitive levels. At the United States’ 2008 Men’s and Women’s Marathon Olympic Trials, roughly 30% of the athletes in the men’s race and 25% of the finishers in the women’s race were sporting Brooks racing flatsBrian Sell’s shoe at the Olympic Marathon was a special version of the T6 Racer, and Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington captured her second world title in Kona last year in some Brooks T5’s. Now you can get the latest versions of these blazing fast shoes.

So what’s the difference between the T6 Racer and Racer ST4?

The T6 Racer provides an ultra-lightweight (6.1 oz), minimal, unrestricted, neutral ride. It’s designed for runners with an efficient stride who don’t need “a lot of shoe” when competing. The Racer ST 4 offers a bit more substance and stability for those wanting some medial support.

What changed compared to the last versions?

The uppers for both shoes were tweaked. The T6 Racer had the overlays in the toebox eliminated, which aided the flexibility in the forefoot. The updated upper of the Racer ST 4 focuses on even better securing of the foot to the base of the shoe, ensuring there is no wasted motion and that all energy is spent moving forward.

Of course, both shoes have cool new colors too!

Brooks Racer ST 4

Brooks Racer ST 4

  1. Kyle

    Nice, those are some of the best looking shoes around. I run mainly longer distances so won’t be getting those, but I do love the designs.

  2. ron m

    Hopefully the ST Racer 5 will include HYDRFLOW in the forefoot. Brooks needs a dual Hydroflow racer (9oz or less) or at least a “T-6″/ “ST-4” type racer with forefoot HYDROFLOW. I had a Brooks tri shoe years back which did and it was great.

  3. Ms Lizzy

    I LOVE these!!! I love my Space Alien Green ST-III’s but think the new color on the ST-IV is just … wicked … and since I racewalk in them, I like to have the most comfortable shoe I can find. I’m a men’s 11 … and it’s nice that the Racer series isn’t going to be leaving the market any time soon!

  4. Ms. Lizzy

    Post-script: I racewalk distances from 5K to Marathons. I have been exclusively in Racer ST’s for about a year now. They really were AMAZING when I racewalked the Walt Disney World Goofy (1/2 Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday). Nice and bendy for me … Just sayin!

  5. Justin

    I agree with Nate! I’m 6’4″ and wear a 14. I’m also a neutral runner so the T6 would be perfect for me if they made it in my size!!!

  6. Andy M

    I agree with Ron M. A racing shoe should have a cushioning component in the forefoot. Isn’t a racing flat the shoe that people are going to be running up on their toes in? Forefoot hydroflow would be a good addition to both the T6 and Racer ST.

  7. Bill

    My son used the T5’s for several years for high school workouts but he is now size 14. Very frustrating that this shoe is not made in size 14. I notice several others with the same comment. Please read this feedback. This is a great shoe and I would love to buy several pairs for him.

  8. Quen

    Funny. I want a T6 in 14 too. Partially because the 13s run way small. They are visibly shorter than other Brooks size 13s. Please release in a 14 and I’ll buy them right away!

  9. Bob

    I would love to run a 5K in a pair of racing shoes made for those of us that require a 2E. I would buy a pair of ST4’s immediately if offered in wide width!

  10. JJ Abodeely

    I have a pair of ST 4 and a pair of T6. I TOO WOULD LIKE A 2E option– especially for the T6 which feels narrower than the ST4.

  11. Cheryl Todd

    I was skeptical about wearing my ST4’s to run the Boston Marathon but went for it. NO REGRETS. My next pair will definitely get me through that course in 2011.

  12. Marlene Farrell

    I have had several pairs of the ST4 and really enjoy the feel, especially for racing. But I have had problems in races with a fairly new shoe having the bottom rubber near the heel come unglued and flap and drag during my race. Once it happened with a shoe worn for only ten miles, and it happened 2 miles into a half marathon. That was disappointing. Have you corrected this problem?

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