Jan | 28
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What’s the Closest Brooks Shoe to the [Asics Kayano]?

I get a lot of questions from runners who want to give Brooks a try, and are looking for the “closest shoe” to some other model they’ve been running in. As in: I’ve been running in the [Asics Kayano/New Balance 1063/Nike Structure Triax/etc…], so which Brooks running shoe should I try?

Of course no two shoes are the same, but this handy Running Shoe Comparison Chart shows which Brooks shoe is most similar to some other popular running shoes.

  1. Varinka Barbini

    Adrenaline would be my suggestion as well. They have similar cushion and weight. Once you fall in love with the Adrenaline, you will find other Brooks that have the same support and function in various weights. Happy Running!

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