Nov | 13
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Watch the Brooks Dream Video + Help a Great Cause!

We recently wrapped up a fun, short video called Dream, which captures (for us at least!) the fantasy of a perfect run.

To celebrate, Brooks is donating five cents for every view of the video (up to a max of $25K) on the Brooks website or YouTube to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in support of breast cancer research. We’re super excited to share the video — and for the chance to make a contribution to such a worthy cause.

We hope you enjoy the video, and share it with your friends!

About Joel
I am a runner in Seattle, Washington. When I'm not at work, I enjoy camping, running trail races and exploring the outdoors.
  • That’s pretty funny.

  • Cute video.. I liked the dope MC at the end!

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  • cascadia

    Nice. I’ve always liked your promos like these. Great cause too!

  • Carmen

    I love the song too. Very cute. If you had just the song for download I’d love to buy it.

  • James

    Love the video! I agree with Carmen, the song was awesome. But I think a video download would be more worth it. But great job again!

  • Walking Tom

    This “dream” video is offensive. What is the point of the guy grabbing his crotch? Not just once, but twice?

    Otherwise fine, but what’s the point?

  • I loved the video. Very cute and funny (including the crotch grabbing).

  • dystany

    cute video!

  • say

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  • mlgreen8753

    What a nice gesture of support the breast cancer cause. It’s supporters like them that have lead to break throughs. I recently read something on about cancer research that targets cancer cells specifically and doesnt involve chemotherapy or surgery.