Oct | 13
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Brooks T5’s Storm Home in Kona

Chrissie Wellington, this year’s women’s champ at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, cruised home (in a Kona run-course record!) in some Brooks T5’s! Check out the picture of Chrissie on the run over at slowtwitch.com.

Congrats on a truly amazing performance, Chrissie!

  1. Melanie

    I LOVE this shoe!! I used it for almost all of my training (around 90miles a week) and have won a few races in it. In June 2009 I set a female course record at Hells Hills- a 50k trail race in the T5. The T6 is different in enough ways that I am now searching for a new shoe. 🙁 Please bring back the T5!! If Brook’s gives me the chance, I will do my best to win more races in them. I LOVE the T5 for all road running and most trails!!

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