Oct | 2
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What Brian Sell is doing this Sunday

According to a story in The Flint Journal, Hansons-Brooks team member Brian Sell will be running in the inaugural Brooksie Way in Rochester, Mich., this Sunday.

While there is no prize money in the Brooksie Way, the race will include U.S. Olympic marathoner Brian Sell and some of his teammates from the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Sell said they will run the race as a workout at 5:20-per-mile pace in preparation for national events later this fall.

Also in the field will be former Boston Marathon winners Bill Rodgers and Greg Meyer. Meyer, 53, said Rodgers, 60, will run around 7:00 pace and that he will run around 7:30 pace.

Go Brian! Go Hansons!

Read the whole story here.


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