Sep | 19
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Fall Running = Night Running

Brooks NightLife

Next week marks the start of fall – and with it, more runs in the dark…and cold…and rain.

Living in the Seattle, I’ve logged more than my share of miles in the dark. Luckily I live near a well-lit portion of the Burke-Gilman Trail, which keeps me mostly off the roads and away from nighttime traffic.

Last night marked my first “dark run” of the season – a short post-dinner trot with my sister. While I was out there, I noticed the nocturnal cyclists were doing a pretty good job of staying visible with bright clothes and lights…but the runners weren’t always so easy to see. A big part of staying safe is staying visible – and that starts with wearing bright clothes.

Have you seen yourself in the dark lately?

Brooks puts out a line of running clothes made specifically to enhance nighttime visibility called the NightLife Collection. The collection includes weather-resistant, breathable, retro-reflective jackets; comfortable, lightweight baselayers; and accessories like hats and socks. My personal favorite: the NightLife L.S.D. Jacket.

To see it in action, check out this short video we shot of my friend Andrew showing off the gear. (Hey, Seattleites: can you spot the location?) You can also hear Brooks I.D. Athlete Mark Buciak talk about why it’s his favorite thing from Brooks.

Run happy…and stay safe!