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Fall Running = Night Running

Brooks NightLife

Next week marks the start of fall – and with it, more runs in the dark…and cold…and rain.

Living in the Seattle, I’ve logged more than my share of miles in the dark. Luckily I live near a well-lit portion of the Burke-Gilman Trail, which keeps me mostly off the roads and away from nighttime traffic.

Last night marked my first “dark run” of the season – a short post-dinner trot with my sister. While I was out there, I noticed the nocturnal cyclists were doing a pretty good job of staying visible with bright clothes and lights…but the runners weren’t always so easy to see. A big part of staying safe is staying visible – and that starts with wearing bright clothes.

Have you seen yourself in the dark lately?

Brooks puts out a line of running clothes made specifically to enhance nighttime visibility called the NightLife Collection. The collection includes weather-resistant, breathable, retro-reflective jackets; comfortable, lightweight baselayers; and accessories like hats and socks. My personal favorite: the NightLife L.S.D. Jacket.

To see it in action, check out this short video we shot of my friend Andrew showing off the gear. (Hey, Seattleites: can you spot the location?) You can also hear Brooks I.D. Athlete Mark Buciak talk about why it’s his favorite thing from Brooks.

Run happy…and stay safe!

  1. Karl McCracken

    Living by the sea in the North of England, the winters can get fairly dark – only 7 hrs of daylight in midwinter. But running in the dark, especially before dawn is one of those strange and beautiful experiences. The winter stars are just SO bright, and you get to see the fishing boats’ lights twinkling along the horizon like a diamond necklace.

    Staying warm and visible is pretty important though. I have a couple of garments that are big favourites for both their warmth and visibility, including fleecy-lined track pants (when I die, I want to be buried in these!), a long-sleeved base layer that’s good as a single layer from about +20C right down to freezing, and a day-glo cycling coat that’s breathable & has monster-sized pockets for stashing hat, gloves, etc.

    Sadly, none of these are Brooks products (sorry!), which is why I haven’t mentioned their manufacturers’ names. Maybe it’s time for a look at that new Nightlife collection 😉

  2. Jenny Sodergren

    What I am desperately trying to find is a sports bra and shorts with a significant amount of reflective material on them. It is too hot and humid here in Kansas even pre-dawn and at/after sunset to wear even most lightweight vest. Any I have found have merely an emblem that is reflective. I would love to see these on the market.

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