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It’s Almost Here…Day 6 from Jesse in Beijing!

Beijing- Day 6
Today we headed out for an early morning 10 miler and talked about all the possible outcomes of tomorrow’s race. I wouldn’t put anything out of reach for our team!! All three are very fit and from what I have heard all three have different race strategies which should make it all very interesting.
After our run we headed to the great wall of China! This was such an amazing site and we saw many other athletes there including Shawn Johnson from the US Gymnastics team. Such a small girl!!
The wall was so amazing and believe it or not….so was the lunch we had afterwards at a family style Chinese eatery. I find myself eating more healthy here than in the US, minus the occasional McDonalds run.
We are headed over to the stadium tomorrow at 6am to watch Brian’s race! There are 15 of us in the cheering section but pretty much the whole Ludus Tour group of 300 will be behind Brian and the US team! Can’t wait…..make sure you all watch and cheer for the team!
On a completely unrelated note I would just like to tell you that my bathroom has no tub. I pretty much shower in the bathroom itself and the water just runs all over the place. The water stays there all day and it is just kind of gross. You have to wear shoes in their the rest of the day so that you aren’t walking into puddles. Anyway, just FYI.

About Jess
I work at Brooks in the fun and energetic marketing department in support of our athlete events. I ran at the University of Washington and now run marathons and just daily for fun. I love to eat pizza or waffles after my runs. My favorite Brooks shoe is the Launch!
  1. Kimo

    What a great experience to be over there. We’re cheering from home for all to do well and I see Brian from time to time on HD commercial. Thanks for the updates.
    P.S. do they sell shop-vacs over there? 🙂

  2. Lois


    Loved the video! Really enjoying reading your updates on the team and your day to day experience in Beijing . Have a good time.

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