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What running shoe is best for me?

As a Brooks employee, I get frequently asked: “how do I know what running shoe is best for me?”

I always tell people the best thing to do is visit a local specialty running shop, where you can have an expert do an in-person fitting. Among other things, the right shoe will depend on what you use the shoe for, the shape of your foot, and your degree of pronation. It’s pretty hard to assess these things on your own, so whenever possible it’s best to let an expert help you pick your shoe. The majority of Brooks shoes and apparel are sold through specialty running stores — which makes sense, since it’s the best place to buy them!

Of course, not everybody lives near a specialty shop. In a pinch you can watch our short video on pronation, and consult our online Shoe Advisor. also has several helpful resources in their Shoes & Gear section.

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  1. kimms

    my husband wears a size 10 shoe. He has a wide foot and has the beginning of arthritis in his feet. which Brooks tennis shoe would be the best choice?

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