May | 16

Monday Inspiration: Simon Wheatcroft, Blind Runner

We recently received this note from Simon Wheatcroft in the UK. I think you’ll agree that his story is both amazing and inspirational! Over a decade ago I was registered blind. I lost my vision through a degenerative disorder called Retinitis Pigmentosa. For the past 6 years I trained exclusively with assistance, be it a… Read more »


May | 12
Contests, Shoes & Gear

Shorts Stories: Women’s Edition

Runner, soccer player, and resident Word Girl Diana Riggs sent us the lowdown on her favorite shorts. Nothing defines spring more than a run outside in a great pair of Brooks shorts. And even though the weather up here in Seattle seems to have missed the memo about the season change, I defiantly continue to… Read more »


Apr | 25
Contests, Inspiration

Haiku Contest Winners

All I can say is wow. When we started this contest we thought we might get a hundred or so entries. Imagine our surprise when we received over 600 entries! Thanks to everyone who sent in poems or posted them on the blog — we loved your creativity! Grand Prize Winners: receive a pair of… Read more »


Apr | 19
Brooks Athletes, Events

Desiree Davila Battles to the Finish

Desiree Davila fought to the tape to become the first American female finisher and second-place overall female finisher at the 2011 Boston Marathon. Desi clocked in at the official time of 2:22:38, an American women’s course record, making her the third fastest U.S. female marathoner of all time. Only Olympic medalists Joan Benoit Samuelson and… Read more »


Apr | 15
Brooks Athletes, Running Tips

Q & A with Desi Davila

We had a chance to ask Hansons-Brooks marathoner Desiree Davila questions about her race prep, her inspiration, her music, and more. Brooks: What will you have for breakfast race day morning? Desi: Oatmeal, bagel w/peanut butter, and some coffee. B: What is on your iPod right now? Do you have any songs you listen to… Read more »


Apr | 7

Running Haiku Contest

  April is National Poetry Month, so we’re celebrating with a haiku contest. Simply write a haiku about running – what you love about it, how it makes you feel, how you Run Happy – and send it to us by April 22. We’ll pick our five favorite haiku and award a pair of Brooks… Read more »