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Apr | 15
Brooks Athletes, Running Tips

Q & A with Desi Davila

We had a chance to ask Hansons-Brooks marathoner Desiree Davila questions about her race prep, her inspiration, her music, and more. Brooks: What will you have for breakfast race day morning? Desi: Oatmeal, bagel w/peanut butter, and some coffee. B: What is on your iPod right now? Do you have any songs you listen to… Read more »


Oct | 21

Marine Corps Marathon: 10 Days and Counting

You’ve trained through the hottest June on record in D.C. The record-tying July. And a hot August and September. You’ve put in your miles. Perhaps you’ve battled injury. You’ve almost certainly battled fatigue. But now your goal is in sight — it’s only 10 days till the Marine Corps Marathon! Brooks wants to treat you… Read more »


Oct | 20

Denver RnR snapshot: the Dude… subsides?

If you’ve run a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon or 1/2 Marathon lately, you will probably have seen our great big Brooks Rocker Dude on the course, standing tall and inspiring everyone to Run Happy. But if you were at Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll, you may have seen this towards the end of the race: We’ve… Read more »