Apr | 17

Running Proud and Supporting LGBTQ+ Runners

Dear runners,


The run is the most inclusive sport ever known. To participate, it’s as simple as left foot, right foot, repeat. But it’s not always been so simple or accepting of everyone. Take an entire gender for example: women were discouraged and, in many cases, forbidden to run until trailblazers like Kathrine Switzer and later Title IX hit the scene. It’s crazy to me to think of a day when the run didn’t welcome all no matter your gender, who you love, your ability, race, age, pace, etc.


I am intensely proud to be part of the running industry today and, more specifically, part of the Brooks team that is trying to inspire everyone to run and be active. Every day we hear stories of the positive impact the run has on people. In some cases, it makes a day better, and in others, the run is transforming lives. Everyone should have access to that!


The running community is really made up of tens of thousands of subcommunities. Though the broader run population is more diverse than ever, we see an opportunity at Brooks to be more deliberate in our support for subcommunities that have not always felt welcome or visible within running and sport like the LGBTQ+ community. That’s why I’m excited for Brooks to team up with International Front Runners, the global network of LGBTQ+ running clubs, to support activities and programs that help grow Front Runners clubs in cities worldwide. The work our teams will do over the next two years in partnership with Front Runners will include opportunities for everyone to get involved in celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ running community.


When I think about the global running community, I think of people of all identities sharing what the run gives each one of us. We’re excited to extend that belief and a message of inclusion with the LGBTQ+ community, and to invite runners everywhere to celebrate how the run unites us all.


Run Happy, Run Proud,




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