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Brooks Introduces the Off-Road Runners

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road RunnersWe’re excited to introduce the Brooks Off-Road Runners, a new trail running ambassador program created to inspire other runners like you to get outside, enjoy the trails and celebrate the outdoor spaces we all love to explore.


We’re selfishly excited to add these Off-Road Runners to our Brooks Running tribe because we get to use their years of trail running knowledge to help us create the best off road gear. In addition to product, you can expect to see the expertise of these runners (collectively they’ve run thousands of mile this year already!), come to life via tips and tricks for taking your running off road, inside knowledge of how to fuel on the trails, perspective on the key trail races to check out and much, much more.


When the Off-Road Runners lace up their shoes, the miles they log often lead them off the pavement and out of the city. They can be found running trails as far away as Taiwan or South Africa or as close as right out their back door here in Seattle. When they’re not on the trails, these runners put their skills to use as CEOs, scientists, coaches and restauranteurs. Read on to get to know our squad and follow them on social media!


Adam Chase

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Leading our Off-Road Runners is the infamous Adam Chase—a notable member of the trail running community and inspiration in the sport. As the President of the American Trail Running Association for two decades and having been inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame, Adam credits his success to getting into the sport of ultra trail running before the fast guys started racing. He says being small and light (and running shirtless?) also helps. The Boulder tax lawyer and father of two sons has co-authored six books on the sport and writes for running and outdoors publications, having raced professionally as an ultrarunner and adventure racer, allowing him to run trails and make friends all over the world. With the nickname “Proton,” Adam personifies #runhappy. Follow along with Adam on Instagram at @adamwchase.



Mario Mendoza

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Mario Mendoza is an extremely accomplished trail ultrarunner who has graced the podiums of more than 15 USATF Trail Championships. Born an American and, as he phrases it, “raised in the Mexican culture by immigrant parents,” Mario is passionate about bridging the gap between the two cultures. Five-time USA Trail National Champion, three-time USA Trail Runner of the Year, and three-time top American runner at the IAU Trail World Championships, Mario is an all-around mountain, trail and ultrarunner. He is also a pastor, speaker, husband and, more recently, a father. Mario lives in Bend, where he works at a camp and formed a trail run posse, the Bend Banditos. Follow Mario on Instagram at @mendozarunner.





Camelia Mayfield

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Camelia Mayfield made a big splash in the ultra scene last year, placing third at Lake Sonoma 50 and gaining an entry to Western States Endurance Run (commonly known as the Western States 100), where she ran her first 100 and placed seventh in one of the most competitive fields in the sport. Credit the social worker’s work ethic, smart running and being advised by her early-adopter ultrarunner father in Ashland, Ore. Camelia’s outstanding running career at Portland State University served well for impressive leg speed and tenacity. She recently qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials at the California International Marathon and also represented the U.S. in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in 2016. Camelia is also adept at sporting her fleece Hello Kitty blanket. Follow along with Camelia on Instagram at @cameliamayfield.




Allison “Alli” Grace Morgan

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Allison “Alli” Grace Morgan has had a variety of running successes with impressive results on the international level in cross country, mountain running, U.S. Olympic Marathon and 10K qualifiers and even the beer mile. The mother of seven-year-old twin boys, Alli has run professionally for Brooks and Zap Fitness and now coaches the Bend Senior High School Cross Country Team. Alli has represented the U.S. at the USATF Mountain Running Championships after qualifying not long after her move to Bend, Ore., in 2015. Outside of her running, coaching and parenting skills, she’s mastered a signature leg hook while hugging. Follow Alli on Instagram at @alfieg701.





Jared Bassett

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Jared Bassett, an Oregon native, grew up in Steve Prefontaine’s shadow in Coos Bay and became the state cross country champion and went on to run for powerhouse University of Portland, where he was a two-time NCAA Division I All-American in the steeplechase. Jared graduated with a degree in nursing and ran for Brooks on the road and track but, with his move to Bend, increased his trail time. He gives back to the sport as the cross country and track coach at Mountain View High School and as an active member of the Bend running community. Follow along with Jared on Instagram at @bassettjared.





Ladia Albertson-Junkans

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Ladia Albertson-Junkans started running young and evolved her high school pedigree into All-American performances as a Golden Gopher at the University of Minnesota and then racing for Team USA at the 2016 World Mountain Running Championships. Two years ago, Ladia burst into the ultra world with a win at the Chuckanut 50K in Bellingham, Wash., not far from her home in Seattle. Ladia then represented the U.S. at the IAU Trail World Championships in Italy and has qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. In January 2019, Ladia placed second at the Bandera Endurance Trail Run (100K) in Texas, her first race longer than 52K, to qualify for Western States. The programmer analyst for Kaiser Permanente epitomizes running happy but she also runs with purpose, supporting her best friend, Brooks athlete Gabriele Grunewald, a professional middle-distance runner who is fighting her fourth bout of cancer. Follow Ladia on Instagram at @ladiahallie.

Julia Stamps Mallon

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Julia Stamps Mallon, like her two enthusiastic daughters (tree, meet apples; apples, tree), harnessed her fount of energy at a young age to become America’s best high school runner, setting national records and making national teams in her wake. After growing up in Santa Rosa, Calif., she transitioned to nearby Stanford University, where she thrived in track and cross country. Julia became a six-time NCAA All-American and went on to qualify for several U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. Never one to dabble, Julia’s first trail race was the North Face Endurance Challenge, where she ran giddy to finish the 50-mile run in the top ten. She has gone on to run multiple Lake Sonoma 50s and organizes outdoor events designed to introduce people to trail running, climbing, camping and other adventurous activities. Follow along with Julia on Instagram at @juliastamps.



Caitlin Landesberg

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road RunnersCaitlin Landesberg has been busy this winter. Not only did she give birth to her second child, but she also helped her other baby, the business she started, Sufferfest Beer Company, go big. It was just acquired by Sierra Nevada. An avid trail and ultrarunner, Caitlin’s friendliness is practically as vitamin enriched as her beer. Caitlin started Sufferfest as a hobby after what she thought was food allergies during a night leg of an ultra relay led to her eliminating gluten from her diet. And her beer. The company, a certified B Corporation, markets toward athletes and outdoor activities. #willsweatforbeer  Follow Caitlin on Instagram at @loonsterberg.





Roxanne Vogel

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Roxanne Vogel is determined. Her big mountain experience – she has climbed six of the eight continental peaks – translates well to ultra and mountain running, where getting to the finish line can feel easier than reaching a summit. A sports nutritionist for GU Energy Labs, Roxanne knows how to fuel up for climbs and runs and helps others eat right too. Roxanne works with elite GU athletes and leads clinics and workshops for more inclusive audiences. She is also a certified exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist and will apply all of her training and knowledge this May, when she plans to climb Mt. Everest. In addition to having a gazillion letters after her professional title, Roxanne has an easy sense of humor and has enjoyed many a mountainous ultra. Follow along with Roxanne on Instagram at @roxymtngirl.





Basit Mustafa

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Basit Mustafa might be found running high in the hills near Telluride, Boulder, Scottsdale or Hood River with a chainsaw strapped to his back to clear fallen timber blocking the route. He won’t be wearing a shirt but he will be grinning. The tech entrepreneur founded Voltaire, a company focused on analytics and predictives that assist lawyers in picking more favorable juries. The ultrarunner is not just the guy you want with you if there’s a tree in your path, he is also trained as a firefighter/EMT and serves on the Board of the American Civil Liberties Union so he’ll keep Bambi, you and your civil liberties alive and well. His most recent event was the Ultra-Trail Cape Town in South Africa. Follow Basit on Instagram at @bmustaf.





Bryan Dayton

Brooks Trail Running, Brooks Trail Running Ambassadors, Brooks Off-Road Runners

Bryan Dayton is a “running restaurateur” who owns and operates several of the highest-ranked restaurants in the West. To see Bryan working the floor at one of his fine establishments in Boulder and Denver, Colo., dressed to the nines and as charming as the drinks he can mix, you would never guess this smooth operator has won two 50K National Trail Running Championships and, just last summer, ran the Leadville Trail 100 Run. He owns Oak  and Corrida in Boulder and Acorn and Brider in Denver, having started in the hospitality business as a mixologist, eventually winning the Bombay Sapphire competition and a GQ “Most Inspired Bar Tender” contest. The father of two sons has a long list of ultras he’s run and, if you are lucky, you can hear about them over some fine food and beverages. Follow along with Bryan on Instagram at @bryandcolorado.



Thanks for following along, and we hope you are inspired to check out a local trail and #runhappy!



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