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3 Things to Expect from Brooks at Your Next Race

Brooks exists to inspire everyone to run and be active. So when we sponsor races and events, we want to show up in full force and make sure runners feel the Brooks love before, during, and after their run.

We do this in a number of ways beyond just making sure you have the right gear for your run. To paint a better picture, we asked runner Kayla Gaulke what she thought of her experience with Brooks at the Twin Cities Marathon.


Continue reading for her take on three things to expect from Brooks at the next race you see us at.


Brooks shows up at events in hopes of inspiring and supporting runners


Brooks’ purpose is to inspire everyone to run and be active. So when we partner with an event, be it a 5K or a marathon, we want to make sure runners of all types feel our support and have a good time. Sometimes, that means we show up decked out in costumes, or it could mean we blow up a giant inflatable Rocker Dude to deliver some mid-race motivation.



I feel that Brooks had a great support of runners at the booth and overall at the expo. I noticed the staff were very attentive to customer needs, very friendly, and helpful. I took part in a bra fitting where Sam (one of the girls from the Running Room) fitted me, listened to my likes in a bra and grabbed some bras for me to try on. I waited a little bit to get into the fitting room, but at that point the wait wasn’t too long. I ended up loving the Hotshot bra and bought it.


The Brooks booth is a runner support center and great way to start your race weekend


At almost every event Brooks sponsors, we’ll have a booth. You can find it at the expo or near the course the day of the race. There, we have gear for you in the event you forgot anything or need to replace items, and we have experts to fit you in shoes, sports bras and apparel (you can shop for running gear here) to make sure you can run your best in items that fit you perfectly and support your unique way of running.



The Brooks booth had a great feel to it! It’s the first thing that you are drawn to! The setup of the Brooks booth was nice with ample space between racks and the displays were very eye-catching and staff very friendly and helpful. It was a great variety of gear from shoes to bras to pants and jackets. The colors and arrangement of the booth gave off a great, fun vibe. The 15% off of bras and the free gift for bra or shoe purchase I believe was a hit and big selling point, especially for the bras.


Brooks loves cheering for runners!


At some of our events like the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, we set up a cheer station. This designated spot on the course has refreshments and music to pump up the local community and invigorate friends and family of runners. All are welcome to join us as we cheer to support runners during their races.



During my 10-mile race, I ran by the cheer station on the course. I heard their cheers and the awesome tunes the DJ was playing and it gave me a boost of energy while racing! After my 10-mile race I cheered on my sister as she crossed the finish line then I walked back along the race course to the cheer station! I could hear the music pumping before I could see it, but just like when I ran by it the tunes were pumping… it was a blast. I noticed how appreciative the runners were for our energy that we were giving off with the music, dancing, and cheering we were doing! I had many people thanking me, fist-pumping, dancing through the cheer zone, giving me thumbs up, waving, or just a simple smile as I yelled their name on their bib. They loved it! The energy the cheer zone was gave off provided a much-needed “lift” for the runners and the runners were like a sponge and just soaking it in!


Thanks for sharing your input, Kayla! When’s the last time you saw Brooks at a running event? Let us know in the comments, and visit our website here to see a list of upcoming Brooks events.


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