Sep | 26
Brooks Athletes

Eat Like a Pro Runner

Brooks athletes are known for their athleticism, but their talents go far beyond the track! Given that athletes must fuel their bodies and ensure they’re getting adequate nutrients, these runners are also fantastic cooks! A few of our athletes shared some of their favorite, tried and true dishes with us. The next time you finish your long run and your stomach is growling, whip up one of these culinary delights – it might just become your go-to meal!

Garrett Heath, Brooks Beast

In between calculating his splits, Garrett is perfecting this delicious salmon dish, accompanied by a sweet potato, pear and quinoa salad. To stay on pace with Garrett, follow him on Instagram.


Sydney DeVore, Hansons-Brooks Athlete

When she isn’t slaying marathons, Sydney is welcoming fall in perfect form…with pumpkin pancakes! To follow her running (and food) quest, follow her on Instagram.


Brendan Gregg, Hansons-Brooks Athlete

Breakfast for dinner, anyone? Whether he’s whipping this up in the morning or the evening, huevos rancheros is a specialty of this runner. Follow along with Brendan on Instagram.

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I’m a true Pacific Northwest gal with a passion for golden retrievers, live music, flannel, and the outdoors. I run, albeit not fast, and I definitely #willrunforfroyo. Three things I can’t live without: PB&J sandwiches, lip balm, and my Brooks Greenlight Tights.

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