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Innovating at Brooks with Boston Champion Desiree Linden

Innovating at Brooks means we constantly push the boundaries of performance in our running gear. To do that, we often work with our elite athletes like Hansons-Brooks runner and 2018 Boston Marathon Champion Des Linden to learn what they want from their shoes and apparel and to get their feedback on products we’re working on. For us, the elite kit is a testing ground for innovation and how we ultimately deliver the best gear for all who run.


Des’ historic win in Boston left a lot of people wondering, “What shoe was she wearing?” and there’s been no shortage of speculation on what it could be.  I’m here to set the record straight; The shoe is an unnamed prototype our innovation team has created in partnership with our elite athletes.


You might also ask yourself, “When will it come out?” Since it’s a prototype, there is no release date. We’ll share more details as we have them, though!


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Des poses with the flag after breaking the tape in Boston. Photos by: A Runner’s Eye/Justin Britton


Lastly, you might want to know “When will Des and other Brooks runners wear this prototype next?” We’re still early in the development stage for this shoe. So early, in fact, that it is possible our athletes will never wear this exact shoe again, but rather an improved version of it in the future.


Developing a prototype is a complicated process. For Des and Shadrack Biwott (who also raced in the prototype and earned himself a third-place, first-American finish) , part of that process involved us hand-carrying their shoes on a plane and delivering them in person to where they were wrapping up training- Des in Michigan and Shadrack in Florida. The testing conditions in both of those locations weren’t as wet and windy as they were in Boston, but the time spent logging miles in the shoe and getting to know it before race day paid off.


Coming off the Boston Marathon, our innovation team is busy collecting feedback from Des and Shadrack Our wear test team has also been running in this prototype and we will make tweaks based on first-hand feedback from everyone. Our ultimate goal is to create footwear that harnesses the talent and experience of our elite athletes and helps them, and all runners, perform their best. This is a crucial step in that process.


While Des’ and Shadrack’s shoes are still under lock and key in our innovation lab, you can check out the other gear Des wore for her epic win in Boston here on brooksrunning.com.

  1. Cory McNair

    So are you going to wait until you DON’T have a race winner to release these shoes? The shoes had to have been fairly far along in development if they showed up in a high profile race. It looks like Brooks R&D and Brooks Marketing need to understand the concept of Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday.

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