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5 Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Run Date

We’re always looking for good reasons to go on a run, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, a run date couldn’t be a better excuse.

We asked you on Instagram, what’s your idea of a run date? And here are the five ideas that have us lacing up and sprinting out the door to meet that special someone.

1. The beach run

My idea of a run date is something like this… Putting on your favorite Brooks running gear and take a trip to the closest beach. Run on the boardwalk and around the beach. Top it off with a sunset on the beach while eating a post run snack – @_erin_hayes

2. Unapologetically you

A run where you get to be your very real self on a first date. You can sweat, burp, fart and not have to shower before getting a beer. You could say setting the bar low, but I call it reality. – @noushy14

3. Good views and good brews

Plan me a run on a new route/park/trail. Bonus points for great views and just like any great run, it should be followed up with a recovery meal. I wouldn’t say no to a beer either! – @gabs929

4. Surprise hills!

Running on a new trail is a great way to get to know someone. Include hills and see how they react! – @luk3mart1n

5. Catching the sunrise

My favorite run dates are finding a trail to camp by and then heading out for an early run to watch the sun rise.  –@karicrowe


We love these! But you tell us, what will your run date include this year?

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I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.

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