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Running Tips

Pre-Run Drills: The A-Skip

How long has it been since you skipped? If the last memory you have involves a playground, get ready to bring it back. An exaggerated running motion, skipping actually helps reinforce basic running mechanics that help you run more efficiently, with less wasted energy.

It’s the same basic motion you remember from being a kid, but Brooks Beast coach Danny Mackey advises paying attention to three things as you go through the drills.

1. Toes Up

Your foot should be flexed, toes up (putting the foot in a “loaded” position)

2. Hands Back

Your arms should swing back far enough to look as though you’re going to put something in your hip pocket.

3. Think Tall

Your posture should be tall and upright, with shoulders back and relaxed.

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Brooks Beast and Olympian Nick Symmonds brings some steely intensity to the A-skip drill.


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