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Pre-Run Drills: B-Skip

Welcome to Skip Drills, round two! Much like the A-skip, the B-skip helps improve running efficiency. You want to use the same tall, upright posture with your foot in a loaded position (toes up), and your arms open and relaxed.  This time though, the focus is on using your posterior chain (the muscles on the backs of your legs). Activating those muscles before your workout helps your body run more powerfully and efficiently by teaching it to use all the available muscles.

Pay special attention to using your glutes and hamstrings during this skip. Without recruiting those muscles, you’ll just be, well, skipping around. Which is just fine by us, but maybe more suitable for the playground than your pre-run routine.

1. High Knees

Bring your knees high, to the maximum comfortable height. This part of the skip should feel relaxed and effortless.

2. Release Lower Leg

Once your knee is at its highest point, release your lower leg and extend it almost like you’re going to kick your foot out.

3. Drive to the Ground

Use your glutes and hamstrings to bring your foot and lower leg back underneath your hips. This is the active part of the drill that makes the skip effective.

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Brooks Beast and 800m speedster Claudia Saunders skips like the pro she is.


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