Oct | 10

Thank you for your Infinite Energy

You runners are amazing! About a week ago, we celebrated the launch of our new Levitate shoe with the #BrooksChallenge. Runners just like you challenged us to dozens and dozens of energizing runs like running at sunrise and sunset on the same day or running a route that makes an infinity sign on a map.

Since we started, Brooks employees have been answering your #BrooksChallenges to show that our Infinite Energy matched yours and to celebrate the Run Happy spirit and community through a friendly face-off. Today, runners, we say uncle! We ran to pick up bottles of wine, ran with dogs, ran at all hours of the day and more! We have loved seeing and then matching each of your challenges. But we should have known that the energy of the entire running community would be awesome and it would be infinite!

If you’re one of the few runners whose challenges we did not match, please keep an eye on your social media inbox (the platform you posted your #BrooksChallenge on) for a message from us within the next few days. Your Infinite Energy has earned you a little sump’m sump’m.

Thanks to every runner who participated in the #BrooksChallenge. We had a blast.

Keep the Infinite Energy alive on every run with the Levitate– our newest Energize shoe that delivers the most energy return of leading performance running shoes.


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