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Join the Brooks Big Endorsement and Become an Endorsed Athlete!

Most runners never see the big money, fame, and glamorous lifestyle given to athletes of other sports. We want to change that by endorsing runners of all types. Slow, fast, new to the sport, or longtime veterans, Brooks believes in giving you the fame and recognition you deserve.

Today, in honor of Global Running Day, we’re launching the Big Endorsement, the biggest athletic endorsement deal in history. We’re signing runners of all speeds and abilities and inviting everyone to be part of Brooks and get out and run—whatever that means to you.

Sign up now at BrooksAthlete.com.

When you register, you’ll get exclusive access to training and nutrition resources, many of which were developed by Brooks’ own coaches Danny Mackey and Keith and Kevin Hanson. You’ll get your very own athlete card to share online including your Brooks athlete number. You’ll of course get your signed endorsement deal and lastly, you’ll get a check that you can cash for $1.00 (for runners in the U.S. and Canada)!

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This could be you!

Really, the biggest payoff is signing your own personal endorsement deal, and knowing that Brooks celebrates your dedication to the run so much that we’re willing to officially endorse you as a member of our team.

Head to BrooksAthlete.com now to register and make it to the big time today.

About Derek
I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.
  • Sandra M Villamizar

    If I sign the endorsement, what is it expected from me as a runner? do certain amount of races? have certain times on races? Thanks.

  • Ash Robison

    How do I retrieve my brooks running number? I signed up but lost the email.

  • Filomeno Vargas

    how to I get a sponsorship from you guys. I am a runner, run cross country, and track at my high school. You can go to mile split and look up Filomeno Vargas. I am out right know because I had a hernia surgery.

    • Hello Filomeno! Thanks for connecting. The team at Brooks that handles athlete sponsorships starts their process by evaluate personal bests and race results. Currently, sponsorships of athletes on the Brooks Beasts and Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project teams go to post-collegiate athletes.

  • Brooke

    Hello there! I am not sure who I could contact about my interest in being a Brooks sponsor! I am 25 years old and have gotten into running the past three years. I’ve been first female in many races around the KCMO area and just hit a new half marathon PR — 1:30:07. I am a 4th grade teacher and health enthusiast. I absolutely love the Brooks brand and would love to represent the company.

    • Hi Brooke! Thanks for reaching out. We’ll share your information and inquiry with our sports marketing team. Thanks, and Run Happy!

      • Brooke

        Awesome! I look forward to hearing back from your sports marketing team. Have a wonderful week!

  • Sabrina

    Is there an e-mail where I can send a resume for sponsorship opportunities?

  • Myrinda Grantham

    Are you guys going to do this again in 2018? I hate I missed out on the fun!

    • Hi Myrinda! We don’t yet have any plans we can share, but we’ll definitely make sure you and all runners can take part if we do this again. Run Happy!

  • Carolyn Houston

    46 years old master runner. Been running 8 years. Current PR’s 5k-22:36; 10k-47:15; half-1:44:28. Going to starting running USATF events this fall. Love my Brooks Launch! The only shoe I will wear. Seeking sponsorship hopefully by Brooks. Can you tell me how to contact that division. I can be reached at bchbumspcb12@yahoo.com.

    • Hi Carolyn! Thanks for reaching out. With the Big Endorsement campaign now over, we’ll share your information and inquiry with our sports marketing team. Thanks, and Run Happy!

  • zalewskimm

    Hello. I am hoping to run Boston at the age of 100. That is years away (lol) but hey why not start early and take Brooks with me. My ego would be inflated even further with a Brooks endorsement. Kindly provide details whenever Brooks toys with the idea of bringing it back again. I’m a decent enough super masters guy with lots of pretty medals and awards adoring my spare bedroom. A great ambassador of the sport, am I. 🙂 Thank you!

    • @123443211234:disqus We love your ambition and will definitely let you know if this campaign comes back. Run Happy!

  • Camelia Mayfield

    I ran a 19:46:57 placing F7 at Western States this last weekend in your shoe. Please reach out if you want to partner together.

    Camelia Mayfield

  • Adam Niziol
  • Adam Niziol

    I’ve competed in outdoor track in grammar school, high school, community college division NJCCA III , indoor track in high school and community college division NJCCA III and cross-country in high school and community college division NJCCA III. I also played ice hockey,soccer,downhill skier,cross-country skier,backcountry skier,canoeing,kayaking,backpacking,hiking and camping;biking,swimming,golf and rollerblading. I even run in snowshoe races. PRs
    -Outdoor track-400meters pr57seconds,
    outdoor track-800meters pr2:08,1mile Road Race-pr5:07,2mile-outdoor track-pr11:10,5k Road Race-pr-17:50,8k Road Race-pr-31:56,10k Outdoor track-pr- 42mins and 13.1miles Road Race-pr-1:43:36.