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 5 Things Brooks Employees Do to Celebrate and Protect the Earth

Brooks’ global headquarters in Seattle is known as Stone 34. It’s a big building that houses folks like our footwear and apparel teams who design and develop the gear you love, our events team who you see at races like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series and many more. It’s also a super green building!

Recently, it was certified as part of Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program. Through a combination of smart building design and positive employee behavior changes, Stone34 surpassed the Deep Green Pilot Program’s rigorous sustainability benchmarks to become one of Seattle’s most energy- and water-efficient buildings. Stone34 is 78 percent better on energy use than average and 81 percent better on water use.

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re recapping a few things we do here at Brooks every day to lead active, healthy lifestyles and limit our environmental impact.

  1. We skip the elevator and conquer the stairs. It not only helps get our glutes ready for our next big race, but it helps reduce our energy use due to elevator rides.
  2. Each floor at Brooks has separate color-coded drop-offs for recycle, compost and landfill. The availability and color-coding makes it easy to make sure food scraps and recyclables go to the right place.
  3. Our showers give us 6 minutes to clean up after a midday run or commute to work. After that, they shut off to ensure we don’t spend too much time using the water.
  4. Our building uses smart heating and cooling systems to make sure the office stays at the right temperature. It relies on employees though to raise or lower the shades. When it’s not too bright, shades stay up to allow for natural lighting. When it’s bright and hot outside, we lower the shades to keep the building cool. Slight perforations in the shades lets in some natural light so energy use stays at a minimum.
  5. Work stations power down throughout the entire building after the work day so that monitors and lamps don’t consume electricity overnight. We also encourage our teammates to turn monitors off when leaving desks for lunch, meetings or a run.


We’re doing our part so we can continue to protect the outdoors, where so many of us love to run. Happy Earth Day!


Learn more about our corporate responsibility efforts here and learn about how you can recycling and donating your old running shoes here.

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