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Des Linden Talks Boston, Champagne, Rock Music and More

Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project Runner Desiree Linden is back at the Boston Marathon this year and she’s gunning for the win. After years of standout performances on the course, Des is poised for success after a huge 2016 race year that included a runner-up finish at the Olympic Trials and a 7th place finish at the Rio Olympic Games.

Get to know more about Des in this rapid-fire Q&A about Boston, champagne, the Rolling Stones and more.

Have you had any unexpected surprises on the Boston course throughout the years? What, if any?

Just recently while doing our course preview I ran into a fan who recognized me. She went to three … THREE … different spots on the course to cheer me on. Only in Boston! 

What’s your favorite part of the course?

The final 6 miles. The crowds start growing and you feel the momentum building towards the city, you know you are running towards something epic.

What part do you wish would be over faster?

The hills, not that I don’t enjoy them but they really hinder any chance of a PR.

If GI issues didn’t exist, what food would you eat as mid-race fuel?

Swedish Fish

You said your goal is to win the race. If you had to pick between a champagne or confetti shower at the finish line, which would you pick?

No brainer, champagne! And of course I’d have to do a toast out of my Brooks Hyperion racer.

If your dogs could keep up with you, would you ever run the marathon with them?

Heck no. Atlas is an overly competitive one stepper.

If the girls of Wellesley surprised you with a flash mob, what song would you want them to sing and dance to?

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up, but let’s be honest, I’d prefer the men at the Newton fire station do the song and dance.

If the Citgo sign could have a personalized message on it just for you, what would it say?

“Do your job, Des”

What has been your favorite part of training for this race so far?

The past few years have been all about the long term. Training for this race I’ve been able to stay focused on the present

Have you wanted to skip a day? If so, what was your workout for the day and what did you do (how did you handle that)?

Yes! Once fatigue hits every day is tough. I just go run anyway. Getting into a routine is key and I always feel like I make the biggest gains when I get the job done on days I really didn’t want to.

Would you recommend everyone run Boston some day? Why?

No, 26.2 is not for everyone and it doesn’t make you less of a runner if you never tackle the distance. However, if you love the Marathon, Boston is a must!


Be sure to cheer Des on when she toes the line on April 17! Run Des, run!

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