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New Year and New Marathon Goals

For 2017 I’ve decided to try something new, something pretty big. A new year calls for a new marathon goal. I’ll be running twelve marathons this coming year, one each month and will be blogging and posting as they happen.

There have been so many different thoughts swirling around in my head lately and I know it’s time to shake things up. Some people have a mid-life crisis, some are trying to live a childhood they never had, some buy a Corvette – I’ve decided to run twelve marathons in 2017.

In all honesty this wasn’t an idea that was brewing for awhile. I did put some thought into running a few ultras this coming year, but then one morning halfway through a ten miler it really just popped into my head. My last marathon in December felt really awesome and in reality more of that run happy feeling (along with some of the pain which I love!) is exactly what I need.

One of the things about this running goal is that you always must respect the marathon. My wife (who I met at a half marathon)  has run New York, Boston and Los Angeles, always tells me that you must respect the marathon. Most people can run a 5K on any given weekend, with some decent training most people can run a half marathon, but 26.2 as we know is an entirely different beast and the challenge is on!

how to run one marathon a month, one marathon every month 2017, setting a marathon goal 2017, new years resolution run a marathonFor my entire life running has been the ultimate release. It’s been my medicine that I truly feel has been prescribed for me!  My mom will tell stories of me as a little boy and I would head out the front door and run laps around the block and I was only about eight years old. I needed a release and running was my outlet. I’ve had the taste of it, and I want to suffer more. I want to find more clarity. I want to bring out what’s really most important in my body and mind, so I can analyze it even deeper and reach my full capacity. Hard work and dedication has really been at the core of my life for a long time, and it’s time to ramp it up a few notches.

Now at 37 – I’m a husband, father, homeowner, educator, author and it seems that marathons kind of found me. I wasn’t really looking to run for 26.2 miles, but how overjoyed am I now that we have such a delightful relationship together. The challenge for my body and mind that every marathon provides, to get inside my soul to suffer and see what comes out.

The journey of life constantly amazes me, the people who come into our lives, our experiences, goals we’ve set and those we dream about, taking the easy road when things get hard, pushing yourself to see what you really have down deep and why the heck do I enjoy running at 4:30 a.m. so much!

Being in tune with your body is so important, and I’ve found that optimal time to be around mile 24 of a marathon. Three plus hours of running to that point, chatting with the pace group, fueling your body, all the months of training coming to fruition – and usually those final miles are the most challenging of all. In reality those final miles are my most favorite. You have to dig deep, real deep sometimes. You’re searching your body for all it has left to give, gauging what else you may need to cross that finish line.

At mile 24 you know you’re alive, you know all that time on the road paid off, you think about all the people who aren’t running 26.2 that morning and you smile because you are – I need more of that in my life, two to three times a year at a race isn’t quite enough.

I’ve always chosen to go for it and leave every ounce of energy that’s in my body on the field. I have vivid memories of being in fourth grade as a nine-year-old elementary school student and running the mile during PE class. Our teacher was really pushing me to break 5-minutes, 45-seconds that year, he knew I had more inside – he was right! Running and pushing myself so far that I got sick after we finished, but my time was under 5:45 – goal accomplished.

Commitment for any race is the key. Make sure you train enough, eat right and the biggest of all is to sign-up! I’ve registered for eleven of the twelve marathons in 2017 and am waiting to find a great one for November, hopefully very soon.

If you want to come out and run with me please let me know and hopefully we can coordinate! So many people will be supporting and encouraging me the next 12 months and I can’t wait to start the journey. If you’ve been thinking about running more, find a race and sign-up. Three separate people that I work with have heard about my marathon project and told me they were motivated to start running again. We must encourage each other, the more people at the starting line the better.

You can see what I’m up to on Twitter and Instagram and please do let me know if you’ll be running with me, I’d love to connect and Run Happy with as many people as I can.

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Adam is currently Director of Innovation and Technology for a school district in the Bay Area, a former K-5 Elementary Principal, National School Board Association 20 To Watch Leader in 2016 and co-author of the book Kids Deserve It.  Adam met his wife Stacy at a half marathon seven years ago and they’ve been running together ever since, pushing their two children in the double jogger and now having them (thankfully) ride their bikes when they run as a family.


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