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Easy Ways to Make Time for Exercise on Business Trips

Despite a rigorous schedule, you seem to make time for fitness in your regular running and exercise routine. But when you leave for a business trip, suddenly your healthy eating habits and regular runs go out the window. While you may be busy—after all, you are on a work trip—you can still easily make time for exercise if you’re craving movement.

Use these tips to stay focused on fitness while jumping from meeting to meeting. You’ll feel better while you’re gone and as you head back home, when you don’t have that, “Ugh, I NEED a workout” feeling.

Use The “I guess I should use it…” Method

If you take the time to pack something, you’re probably going to use it: “I brought it all the way here, I might as well use it at least once.” This is why packing a few simple workout accessories is a great motivator to make time for exercise on your business trip.

Items like running shoes and apparel, resistance bands, a yoga mat, exercise cables, a jump rope and TRX straps can all fit in an already-stuffed suitcase no problem. They can also be used right in your hotel room, whether you find a great yoga video on YouTube or even a full TRX workout—yes, it’s possible.

Set a Step Count for Each Day

With a step or mile goal in mind, you have something to work toward each day. This may encourage you to take walking meetings, rather than sit in a conference room, or stroll over to the coffee shop in the morning, rather than driving by on your way out. When you have no other time in the day for fitness, these small changes will make all the difference.

To keep track of your steps you can use a pedometer or, better yet, a fitness tracker. If you don’t already own a fitness tracker, you can buy one for as low as $45, according to a 2016 pricing analysis. This trip may motivate you to focus on taking more steps even when you get home, and your tracker will make it easy for you track progress.

Do Bodyweight Exercises During Commercials

It’s the end of the night, you’ve worked all day, and you’re ready to unwind with some T.V. But, don’t turn the lights out just yet. Instead, use this time to work a little movement into your day with simple bodyweight exercises during commercials.

If you’re not in bed yet, do the following during every commercial:

  • 10 pushups
  • 15 sit-ups
  • 20 squats
  • 15 lunges (each side)
  • 10 tricep dips

If you’re already in bed, and there’s no convincing you to get out, try the following:

  • 20 flutter kicks (each side)
  • 15 half bridge lifts
  • 10 off-the-bed sit ups
  • 15 wine bottle bicep curls
  • 20 laying leg lifts

You’ll be surprised how challenging these sets get after your third or fourth commercial.

Always Take the Stairs

Just like setting a step count, making small goals like “always take the stairs” can make all the difference when you don’t have time for a full workout in the gym. It may be tempting to hop into the elevator when you have five flights to walk, but don’t give in.

If you’re worried about working up a sweat, take the stairs down when leaving the meeting or appointment you’re going to. Going down a flight of stairs works your hamstrings, rather than your quadriceps, so it’s still beneficial.

A few simple tweaks to your routine make it easy to find more time for running and fitness on your business trip. Whether you’re doing pushups during commercials or finding your zen before heading out for the day, you can stay fit and feel good, no matter how busy you are.

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