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The Family Event for Thanksgiving: The Turkey Trot

The following is a guest blog by Lora Mays of Crazy Running Girl.

This year, I am finally doing something that has been on my bucket list for a long time – running a turkey trot. I love the idea of getting out there and burning off my calories before I overindulge on turkey and all the fixings.

While eating is definitely an important aspect of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., I think family is just as important. It’s a day to celebrate our love for turkey and stuffing, but also to spend quality time with family – which seems to be harder to come by with our busier lives.

That’s why I’m even more excited that my entire family will be enjoying me for the turkey trot this year – I’m excited to kick off a favorite holiday by combining the things I like the most: family and running.

Family of nonrunners? How to get them to join the run

For the most part, my family isn’t a running family… I am not quite sure where I got the love for running gene, so it did require some convincing to get them to agree to run our local turkey trot.

And I’m sure I’m not alone.

Check out these most commonly heard excuses against running a turkey trot and use these tips to get them to sign up!

I have to get the food ready!

Thanksgiving morning is dedicated to food prep in my house, but you can get past that by doing it the night before or getting the whole family involved (I don’t know about you, but usually it’s my mom stuck in the kitchen!). Planning ahead makes it a little easier on the cook in your family – and gives them that extra time to join you on the run.

What about football?

Easy one – football will be on later in the day! So, running a turkey trot in the morning won’t matter because you’ll be done and back on the couch in no time.

I have kids, who’s going to watch them?

Most turkey trot organizers make it really easy to get the entire family to join in so they often have kid’s races or shorter distances.

It’s too early in the morning!

Most turkey trots start mid-morning (like 8 or 9 a.m.) so it’s not THAT early… but, fair excuse. Although if you bring up the fact that turkey and stuffing contain some seriously rich ingredients which will most likely require a nap later in the day, this point loses its validity.

You whippersnappers are too fast for me!

That’s the great thing about running a turkey trot– pace doesn’t matter! You can walk or run as fast as you want, and even bring the dog along so you can really have the whole family in on the turkey trot.


So there you have it – the information you need to combat those excuses and get the entire family out for a turkey trot. And the best way to celebrate? Turning it into a tradition so you can build a memory bank of the one time a year when you get everyone out to tackle a few miles.

Are you running a Turkey Trot? Which one? What are some other excuses you’ve heard? How do you beat them?  

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lora mays crazy running girl brooks, crazy running girl brooks running blog, lora mays brooks running blog, crazy running girl blog on patienceLora Mays is an avid runner and certified running coach who has been running for more than 15 years. She fell in love with the marathon in 2006, and since then, has run 20 races around the country, including the Boston Marathon four times. Lora is a Run Happy Ambassador that loves to help others find their passion for running – whether it’s the marathon, a 5k or just to run casually. When she isn’t running the trails in Austin, TX, she is blogging about it at Crazy Running Girl.

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