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Run Signature: Explore the Energize Experience

Our Energize experience is all about putting spring into your stride. Step your foot into an Energize shoe and you’ll feel bouncy and light on your feet as if you were being propelled forward in your run.

This month, we’re looking at each of the four Run Signature footwear experiences. With Run Signature, once we assess how your body wants to run (the biomechanics part of the shoe fitting equation), we give you the choice of what experience you have on the run: Cushion, Energize, Connect or Speed. But don’t feel bound to just one, you can pick which experience you want on any given day for any given run. Check out last week’s post on the Cushion experience and stay tuned for information on the Connect and Speed experiences.

About his Launch shoes (an Energize shoe), our friend Dave Farraday wrote this

L. ightning quick
A.  wesome fit
U.  nmistakable design
N.  imble feet
C.  lear cut winner
H.  appy Running

For runners looking for a responsive, bouncy, springy feel on the run, check out this season’s line up of Energizes shoes.

You can shop women’s Energize shoes here and men’s Energize shoes here.

Not sure what kind of support you need or what kind of experience would be right for you? Start by learning more about Run Signature and use our Shoe Finder here. Also, check back on the blog each week this month to learn more about the other Run Signature categories. Lastly, look for our Run Signature app that will analyze how you run at big marathon expos like Boston and London and also at the Run Signature Mobile Tour stops in the U.S. Here is a list of the rest of this year’s Run Signature Mobile Tour stops.

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