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Guest Blog: Strawberry Lemonaid Smoothie

Today’s recipe comes from Katie, a team nuun athlete and the owner + founder of The Juice. The Juice is an athlete-focused, superfood- based smoothie company that hydrates your hustle with a perfected balance of fresh fruit, plant based proteins + leafy green goodness. 


At The Juice, we’re passionate about things that make us feel good. Whether we’re planted on the beach with a few friends and a pitcher of homemade sangria or pushing through the finish line after a long, hard race, we live for the moments that make us feel vibrantly alive. The moments where, for a split second, you stop thinking about your life and simply live it. The natural high of a life well lived is something that we crave, and it’s from that passion that The Juice was born.

So when Brooks asked us to put together a recipe for them, a resounding YES couldn’t have been cannon balled back at them fast enough. Not only do their Cascadia’s make us feel like Spider-Man as we climb the trails, their new Launch 3’s have us tearing up the track with a dynamite DNA midsole and some awesome color options. Added bonus, “Carpe Runem” is how we like to approach our days.

So without further ado, our latest concoction for some strong strides this weekend.


1 tab Strawberry Lemonade Nuun in 8oz of water

1 cup of coconut water

1/2 tablespoon of 100% Pure Maple Syrup

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1.5 tablespoons of lemon juice

2 cup strawberries

1 cup peaches

1 tablespoon of Vega Tropical protein (optional)

Blend it all up for an antioxidant-rich, protein-packed, berry-boosted blend. For a toppable treat, chop and freeze the strawberries, peaches, and lemon juice before you toss them into the blender for a smoothie-based breakfast bowl that’s big on flavor and the best on Instagram!

So, wellness warriors, this is it. It’s time to seize the seconds between Saturday morning and Sunday night. With 48 hours ahead of us, let’s put the phones down, lift our heads up, tighten our laces, and loosen our quads as we head into another adventurous weekend!





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