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‘Twas the Night before Global Running Day

Tomorrow marks a day runners celebrate across the globe. Whether it’s getting out for a run, wearing your running shoes to work, or simply pinning your favorite race bib to your work blazer (download your own race bib here), it’s a holiday that all can partake in. Celebrate with us tomorrow, whether you’re at work, out on the track or hitting the trail.

T’was the Night before Global Running Day

Poem by Lauren Boriotti, North America Social Media Specialist, and Maddy Epstein, Runner Experience Specialist


T’was the night before Global Running Day, and all through the trails,

Not a runner was running, not male nor female.

They’re stuffed with spaghetti and planning about

The outfit, snacks, and every running route!


The clock struck 6:30 and from bed she rose,

A banana for breakfast; a runner, head to toes.

Quick hair in a ponytail, then to work she dashed,

She jogged to her meetings, at her desk a Gu stashed.


She raced through the office, race-bib pinned to her blouse,

Hydrating all day with electrolyte tablets from her house.

“What’s that you’re wearing?” co-workers asked with care,

“My running day outfit—I’m run-ready prepared!”


She then reached the ultimate peak of the day:

Time to go on a run! And you know what they say…

“Take a race-bib selfie and tag #RunReady”

To celebrate Global Running Day, cheers with a beer (if you haven’t already!)


Looking for other ways to celebrate Global Running Day from work or home, or any time of the day you’re not on the run? Here are some tips:

  • Jog to each meeting
  • Wear your running shoes with your suit/skirt
  • Track your miles walked throughout your day, even off of the run
  • Run to and from the bus stop/ work
  • Start day off with a banana- can’t go wrong!
  • Carboload with pasta the night before
  • Plan a post-work run with your work buds

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #RunReady as we share even more tips to celebrate throughout the day.


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