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Results Are In: Running Girl Wins Brooks Emoji Madness!

Result are in, runners! In what came down to a buzzer beater vote, the running girl beat out the track emoji in Brooks’ Emoji Madness and it is our official winner! Thanks to everyone who voted and helped the running community find the emoji that best represents the truth and joy of running.


We started with eight running emojis and asked you to vote in bracket style competitions for which one you wanted created so that typing thumbs and running hearts can properly express themselves. While we had a track, running buddies, a jogging stroller and more in the bracket, the running girl won out. It’s a clear message from runners that what expresses and represents them most is simple- the act of running in a way that actually looks like running and that is inclusive of more than just one gender.

Hat tip to Molly Huddle who brought attention to the need for multiple genders to be represented for runner emojis last year. In fact, the people who make emojis recently asked for feedback on this very issue. You can even head to their page here and let them know why having more than just a male runner emoji is needed! Choose “Public Review Issue” as the type of message and use “Proposed Draft UTS #52: Unicode Emoji Mechanisms” as the subject.

But rest and run easy, runners! We’re still going to ask the creators of emojis to make an actual running emoji because, let’s face it, the “runner” emoji that exists now is doing more of a fast walk than a run… and it’s wearing jeans. We’re putting in that application this month and will update you all with results.

We loved all of the running emojis, but we are also a huge fan of the running girl! What we love most is that you runners love it and voted in such high numbers for it.

Run Happy and thank you again for participating in Brooks Emoji Madness!

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