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Brooks Emoji Madness: Vote for Your Favorite Running Emoji

You’re texting with your friend and go to look for a running emoji to add some emphasis to what you’re saying. Maybe you’re inviting them to run this weekend, or telling them about your day’s workout or describing how you got to work today. The problem: there’s no emoji currently that represents the truth and joy of running. So, we’re out to find it!

True to the coveted March Madness brackets that people across the country are excited about, we’re hosting our own Brooks Emoji Madness with head-to-head votes to narrow down runners’ favorite emoji choices until we get to one final winner. On behalf of runners across the globe, we’ll ask the emoji makers to create whichever running emoji makes it through our final bracket.

Follow us on Twitter and vote starting on March 26 for which emoji you want created; we’ll also have the same voting options right here on the blog. Visit back here at the end of each voting round to see which emojis are moving through and taking one stride closer to phone keyboards (and runners’ hearts) everywhere.

Update: Round two is done! Vote below for today only for your favorite.

Click the image to see the emoji options up close. 

Final Round – Begins April 4

Running Girl vs. Track

Hat tip to Molly Huddle who brought attention to the need for multiple genders to be represented for runner emojis last year. We agree! In fact, the people who make emojis recently asked for feedback on this very issue. Head to their page here and let them know why having more than just a male runner emoji is needed! Choose “Public Review Issue” as the type of message and use “Proposed Draft UTS #52: Unicode Emoji Mechanisms” as the subject.

If a running guy or girl wins the bracket, we’ll submit an actual runner to the emoji makers. Because, let’s be real, the “runner” emoji that exists now is doing more of a fast walk than a run… and it’s wearing jeans. It’s like the thing you do when you see a large group of people heading toward packet pickup at the same time as you and you don’t want to wait in line so you fast walk on up to grab your packet.

No matter what the result of the voting, we’ll put in a request to the emoji makers to create a running emoji on behalf of runners, for runners, voted on by runners!

On your mark, get set, vote!


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