Feb | 12
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Sweat Together to Stay Together this Valentine’s Day

What better way say “I love you” than by getting your sweat on? We might be biased but lacing up with a partner—whether that’s a friend, family member or significant other—is our favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our recent Run Happy Nation reports, annual surveys of runners around the world, revealed the positive (and sometime steamy) impact of running both on and off the road:

– Feeling more energetic after sweating together? 54% of respondents said the energy following a heart pumping run is their biggest turn on.

– When asked to choose their style of intimacy, most runners (37%), compared their performance off the run to an interval session with bursts of high energy and rests between.

Pre-race romance with a significant other improves running performance for 35% of Americans (and for 48% percent of Americans under 40). And after a run? The after-run glow is contagious: 41% of Americans reveal they feel “frisky” after hitting the pavement.

76% of all runners (84% of males) believe that people look sexy when they’re running and three-quarters agree that they’d be more attracted to someone if they found out he or she was a runner. Turning thoughts into action, half of all surveyed (51%) have used running as their pick-up line.

Lace up, grab a loved one and let us know how you celebrate.

Want to dive into the survey results from the last few years? Check them out:

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