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Thank You, Running, for Making Me Feel This Good

The following is a guest blog from Brooks Blog Ambassador Tina of Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Visit Carrots ‘N’ Cake for more reasons to say “Thank you, running!”


It’s Sunday morning in our house. It’s quiet and everyone is still asleep, which means I can sneak out for a morning run. Thank you, family, for sleeping in today.

I start to get dressed. I put on my running shorts, tank top, sports bra, and my beloved Glycerin 13s. Thank you, Glycerins, for carrying me so many wonderful miles. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Then, I slather on some sunscreen, grab my headphones and sunglasses, and I’m out the door. It’s time to run.

The first few minutes of my run are slow, but it’s exactly what my body needs at this hour of the morning. I’m still waking up, so I make sure I’m kind as I warm-up my stiff back and knees. Thank you, body, for allowing me to do what I love.

I’m about a mile into my run, and I fiddle around with my music, flipping through stations. I’m looking for just the right genre for this morning’s run. I want something with a steady beat, but also something a little zippy. I’m feeling more awake and my legs feel strong, so I’m itching to pick up the pace. Thank you, Pandora, for your running station.

Now I’m moving faster. I’m in the zone. I finally start to enjoy my run. I look around and notice my surroundings: Trees with bright green leaves, crumbling stonewalls, another runner in the distance. I listen. I hear birds chipping, a car driving toward me, and the nearly silent whoosh of a light morning breeze. I feel good. Actually, I feel really good. Thank you, running, for making me feel this way.

As I finish my usual 4-mile loop, I realize how much I enjoy running this route. It’s a nice mix of inclines and declines with a few turns through different neighborhoods. There isn’t much traffic along these roads, so I’m able to relax and really enjoy my run. Thank you, little running route, for being exactly what I need.

As I take the final turn of my running route onto my street, I pick up the pace. I sprint until I am right in front of my house. I feel exhilarated, accomplished and ready to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Thank you, running, for making me feel strong, healthy, and alive.

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tina brooks running, carrots n cake brooks running, tina haupert why she runs, morning runs carrots n cakeTina is a runner passionate about health, fitness, running, family and her blog Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Carrots ‘N’ Cake  is where she shares her love of food, staying fit, and living a healthy life as well as updates about her life. While she tries to pack the most nutrients possible into each meal, she has a number of favorite foods that are not necessarily “healthy,” but are still delicious and fun to eat– hence, Carrots ‘N’ Cake! Visit Carrots ‘N’ Cake here and read more.

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  1. Kelli Shallal MPH RD

    AWWWW Such a great post Tina! Now that I’m back to running regularly I find myself repeating your mantra’s and just being thankful my body can run because I get so much back form it! Don’t get me wrong I love to push myself, but first and foremost running simply enjoyable! Thanks for reminding us!

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