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Would You Rather? Running Edition

“Would You Rather” is a popular  game played in small or large groups, on-the-go, as an ice breaker or even just to pass the time with friends you just made or your closest pals. Chances are you’ve even played it yourself! 

Known for pitting two crazy alternatives against each other and making you choose between them, “Would You Rather” is a game many runners from passing time on long runs with training partners or in traveling to and from races. On the blog today, we play “Would You Rather” to get to know some of our Brooks Beasts a little better. 

The Veterans:

would you rather for runners, would you rather game running, runner version, brooks beasts personalities, katie mackey about running would you rather for runners, would you rather game running, runner version, brooks beasts personalities, katie mackey about running

Riley Masters (1500-meter run) and Katie Mackey (1500-meter – 5,000-meter run)

The Rookies:

 would you rather for runners, would you rather game running, runner version, brooks beasts personalities, katie mackey about running would you rather for runners, would you rather game running, runner version, brooks beasts personalities, katie mackey about running

Drew Windle (800-meter run) and Hannah Fields (1500-meter run)

The Questions:

1. Go back in time and give your younger runner self-advice or see into the future in 2016 or 2020?


Hannah Fields (HF): “Probably go back in time. I like the unknown of the future. That makes life fun!”
Katie Mackey (KM): “I would definitely go back in time and give my younger self advice! I was a wreck. First of all, I would tell myself to stop using lucky body wash (it doesn’t matter), eat more apples (goldfish crackers do not count as quality carbohydrates), and figure out what the heck a ferretin level is (anemia is so common among high school girls, and I never knew I was anemic until college- so iron supplement changed the course of my running career!).”
Riley Masters (RM): “I would rather go back in time and give myself advice. Early in my career I did a few things in training that I would consider ‘cringe worthy’ today. I believe I could give myself some sound advice and put myself in a position to be a better runner now.”
Drew Windle (DW): “Fast forward…There are definitely some things I could have done different, but I think I’m still on good enough trajectory to obtain the goals I have set for myself.”


2. Run with someone who doesn’t say one word the whole run or run with someone who won’t stop talking?


 HF: “Won’t stop talking! Nice distraction.”
KM: “Well, probably someone who doesn’t say a word…because I talk so much then I could feel totally at ease.”
RM: “I would rather run with someone who won’t stop talking. There is nothing worse than running with someone who won’t contribute to the conversation.”
DW: “Definitely someone who doesn’t say a word. Because I won’t say a word. I really appreciate silence. Me and whoever this person is would be really good friends.”


3.  Run with no shoes and socks, or no sports bra? (for Katie and Hannah)


HF: “No socks.  The other two options would just be too painful.”
KM: “No bra! Keep those toesies protected and be freeeeeeeee!”
RM: “No sports bra, hands down.”
DW:  “No shoes and socks for sure.”


4. Do an “out-and-back” run or a loop?


HF: “Out-and-back. I have no sense of direction, so I would probably find a way to get lost on a loop.”
KM: “Definitely a loop. I don’t particularly like to be constantly reminded that I’m not halfway done yet for the first half of the run!”
RM: “I am a big fan of the loop. Even if you have to add on a little bit after the loop, I find the loop to be the better choice. One of the most satisfying feelings is creating a loop that adds up to the exact distance you are looking for.”
DW: “A loop…I always try to run the way back faster during out and backs. Loops allow for different scenery the entire run!”


5. Do a beer mile or a milk mile?


HF: “Beer. Did a milk mile four years ago and I was so traumatized I think I still taste the vomit. “
KM: “Definitely a beer mile…because (and you could take this as a challenge) I think I can beat everyone on the team except Nick– and I’m not sure I could do it with milk!”
RM: “I grew up visiting my grandparents’ dairy farm regularly. I may be a little biased, but I would choose the milk mile.”
DW: “Milk. I hate beer. Both would be miserable and I would be in the bathroom for at least three days after either. Milk seems more pleasant going down though.”


6. Would you rather have your favorite celebratory drink waiting for you at the finish line or your favorite celebratory meal?


HF: “Meal.  I love bacon!”
KM: “Definitely post race drink! I never feel like eating right away after a race, but there is something awesome about a nice cold one! With a post race meal I like stouts, but for a post-race drink solo I’d have to go with Stella.”
RM: “I would rather have a post race drink waiting for me. I’m not sure I could stomach a meal at the finish line of a race. Sticking to my dairy bias, I would have to say my celebratory drink would be a big glass of ice cold chocolate milk.”
DW: “MEAL! I usually never want to eat or drink anything after I race, but I would have no choice but to smash an eggs benedict with salmon.”


 7. Would you rather only have an Instagram or only have a Twitter?


HF: “Oh geez, I suck at both so probably a Twitter because it takes less effort. I know that’s horrible.” See Hannah’s Twitter here.
KM: “I think Twitter, I’ve come across some really interesting articles while mindlessly scrolling through my feed!” SeeKatie’s Twitter here.
RM: “That’s a tough question. I’m not sure I could really live without one but if I have to choose I would say Instagram. So many accounts are incredibly entertaining to scroll through when you are bored.” See Riley’s Instagram here.
DW: “Twitter. I’m funny in my own little world, and I never remember to take pictures. More people follow me on Twitter so I think they answered the question for me.” See Drew’s Twitter here.


8. Would you rather run in the early morning or in the evening?


HF: “Morning. This way you don’t have to think about how you still have to run all day long.”
KM: “Definitely evening- I am NOT a morning person.”
RM: “The morning. Knocking your run out in the AM is very satisfying and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. And hey, we’re all runners here; a morning run opens up the option of running again in the evening as well! Double the fun!”
DW: “Early morning. I like morning runs, tend to be a morning person and I feel very unproductive waiting around all day to get out and run.”


9. Go on a run having to go to the bathroom the whole time or go on a run with an empty stomach?


HF: “Empty stomach. I have had too many bathroom run experiences to count. I’m not blessed with being regular.”
KM: “Do I have to hold it, or can I make a pit stop? We become experts at the 30-second “breather!” Without pit stops, I’d say empty stomach.”
RM: “Well, when you say ‘to the bathroom’ that could mean a couple of things. As someone enjoys a couple pee breaks on runs, I would say I would rather have to go to the bathroom mid-run.”
DW: “Empty stomach. If I have to go to the bathroom, I’m not making it home. If I’m hungry I will run extra fast so I can eat later.”


10. Go into a race with the expectation of winning or go into a race under the radar?


HF: “Under the radar. You have nothing to lose, well, except the race I guess. But, no one expects you to win anyway, so it makes the victories that much sweeter!”
KM: “Both have advantages and disadvantages. I like going into a race with the expectation of winning because it’s so exciting!”
RM: “I know this goes against the theme of the game but truthfully I would choose either. As long as I have the opportunity to race, I am happy. Going in confident and well prepared would be my ideal choice of heading into a race.”
DW: “Under the radar. As a D2 athlete, I felt the expectation to win. The pressure of that could be a lot to handle sometimes, and I think also reduced my level of performance. When you are under the radar you have nothing to lose!”


What “Would You Rather” gets you and your running buddies talking? Let us know in the comments!


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