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Your Turn to Answer the Question ‘Why Do You Run?’

At Brooks, we know the reasons why people run are as diverse as runners themselves. Maybe it’s fitness, maybe it’s for fun, maybe it’s to clear your head, maybe it’s to feel the sense of achievement. Any reason is a good one!

We asked the our community of runners in The Run what their reasons were for running, and the responses were, of course, as inspiring as they were diverse.

I truly believe that running is a natural extension of my soul. It is adventure, poetry, pain, pleasure, hope, victory, accomplishment, self esteem, etc, etc. – this list could go on forever. I know that it sounds so cliche, but I truly believe that I am supposed to be running. It is the way I handle the world, my problems, my students, etc. It rivals that feeling I get every day in front of a classroom; it is a natural and perfect extension of my own individuality. When I run, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing in exactly the way I want to do it. It is such a rush. –ccalfee

Why do I run, there are so many reasons. I started young but didn’t really have a coach or mentor, so then I started after college but after being diagnosed with arthritis I was encouraged not to run. So when I really really started at 37 I found that it helped to calm me and make me more fit. My sons turned out to be good runners so I learned all that I could about running, reading articles and going to running clinics. I continue to run because it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, I meet new people with similar interests which makes me happy. –cmerra

I began running 40 years ago so that I would stay fit and healthy enough to play with my children.  I continue to run to stay fit and healthy enough to play with my grandchildren and maybe my great grandchildren some day.RichardB

I used to run to train for competitions because I loved the exhilaration. I loved the feeling of being fit. Now that I don’t compete like I used to, I run because I feel it makes me a better person. I feel more accomplished when I’m running regularly. It is something positive I can do for myself that allows me to be positive with others.  Minihan

If I did not run, I would not be me. Others would not want to be around me because running relieves my stress, keeps me grounded and more than anything else…makes me HAPPY. –Dbrunner

I run because it feeds me, wrecks me, builds me, and remains a shared experience with all different people. I love heading to a start line and seeing all different shapes, sizes, speeds coming together with a common goal. I love getting lost in the woods by myself just to follow a trail I’ve never seen before. I love the feeling of nailing a workout that looked impossible on paper. I love leaving for a run while its sunny and warm only to be caught in a downpour and return home soaked and dripping. I love waking early after a fresh snow to be the first tracks on the street while it feels like the rest of the world is asleep. Most of all, I love running because as I try to reach my potential, I feel it requires me to be the best ‘me’ I can be.runj10


Feeling inspired yet? Now it’s your turn! Take to the comments below and let us know all the reasons why you run.


Responses were taken from The Run, Brooks’ online community for runners. See the original post in full here. Bold was added for emphasis.

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