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Run Wild in the Urban Jungle Pack

The Brooks Urban Jungle Pack is stampeding into our lineup of fashion-meets-function footwear and this collection is made for some serious adventure. The Urban Jungle Pack is the perfect balance of animal athleticism and urban style in a running shoe. Inspired by the speed and endurance of the African plains’ most fabled inhabitants – the cheetah and zebra – we’ve taken two prints from the fashion world and fused them in bold athletic applications with the Ghost 8 and Ravenna 6 for new shoe colors that will inspire you to get out and run wild.

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A jaw-dropping shoe is just the first part; here are three more ways you can add some wild adventure to your run:

1. Embrace the elements.

This is the time of year when weather starts to take a turn for the worse but embrace whatever Mother Nature throws your way and enjoy every mile. Just think—food and a hot shower is waiting for you on the other end.

2. Try something new.

Whether it’s a new route, training group or workout, try something you’ve never done before. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the adventure.

3. Run wild and free.

Ditch the gadgets at home and try running tech-free. The sound of nature can be a nice change of pace.

Shop the Urban Jungle Pack Here.


However you choose to run wild, we hope you have a blast!

  1. Jamie

    Please bring back Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 Urban Jungle Running Shoes! I really want this shoe and cannot find my size anywhere.

      • Lisa

        Boy I’m with Jamie! My grey and white urban jungle are the best! Every time I wear them I get at least 3 people wanting them! I never understood why a company discontinues something so many people love???

  2. Laura D

    WHY are almost all running shoes so ugly?!! NO ONE wants bright neon shoes. This should be obvious. Please create a new, permanent (not just limited edition) colorway in grays/muted tones for all of your shoes and believe me, you will not keep them in stock. I’m tired of wearing my CRAPPY Nike’s but at least they look decent.

      • Laura D

        Thanks for the reply; it is actually the jungle shoe in cheetah print gray/silver that I can’t find anywhere, or the all-black zebra (if you have any back stock hiding anywhere…). Haven’t tried launch but I transitioned to ghost after starting w/ glycerins and prefer to stick with those. Could you at least offer custom colors as an option?

        • Brooks Running

          Hi Laura- Urban Jungle was a limited edition collection of shoes, so we don’t have any of the colors you mention, but we hope to launch new and exciting collections this year, so definitely stay tuned. In the Ghost 8, we have a mostly gray (with a tiny bit of red and blue) option. Have you seen it?

        • Lindsay

          OMG yes! I am on the exact same page, looking for the exact same shoes, but if you would offer custom colors as an option that would be beyond amazing!!!

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