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Thank You Running for Being My Outlet

I moved back to Utah from California with my little girl after separating from my husband in 2013.  I was devastated, lonely and trying to deal with the fact that my entire life had been turned upside down. At this time of my life, more than ever, running was therapeutic. I was able to cry, ponder, sweat and gain confidence with each mile that I logged. Up until that point in my life, I had always been a lone runner. I spent a lot of time on the treadmill getting in my mileage or out on the streets by myself. A few weeks after moving home, I ran into a friend that I met through blogging and she invited me to run with her and her group of friends the next morning. I was terrified at first to join them. What if they are faster? What if I need to stop for a drink or to tie my shoe? What if I am huffing and puffing so loud that I can’t join in on the conversation? What if I start randomly crying because during those first few months of separation my tears came at the drop of a hat?

I showed up to the meeting spot that morning and we started to run. They asked me questions and I asked them about who they were. I felt a bond within that first 65-minute run and they invited me back for a run together the next day. I finished the run, got back in my car and realized I had something pretty great to look forward to. I kept meeting with these girls and between the endorphins and deep talks before the sun even came up each morning, my days started off on the best foot possible. Those mornings out on the roads together helped me to get through a lot of the hard stuff that came the rest of the day.

Over the last two years we’ve trained for marathons together. We’ve traveled to Boston together to run our dream race. We’ve seen each other at our best and our worst. We’ve cried and laughed and sympathized. There is something so incredibly bonding that occurs when you are out on the roads with somebody else accomplishing hard things. You open up and you just get each other.

Thanks running for bringing me together with some of my very best friends. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a social hour filled with talking a million words per minute before going back home and putting on our “mommy hats.”

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thank you running story, janae jacobs thank you running, thank you running janae jacobs, story of community thank you running Janae Jacobs has loved running since she was 12 years old. After completing her first marathon in 2010 and finishing as the fifth woman overall, she was instantly hooked on wanting to dedicate more time to training hard and getting faster. Another huge passion of Janae’s is food and her 3-year-old daughter, Brooke. Via her blog, The Hungry Runner Girl, Janae shares her thoughts about running, fitness, food, family and other random musings. You can follow Janae on Twitter @hungryrunnergirlInstagram and Facebook.

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