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Find Your Best Running Shoe Using Brooks’ New Shoe Finder with Stride Signature

For years, you’ve been told that the right pair of running shoes will correct your form and help you run properly. And while the right shoes will definitely help you run comfortably, what exactly is the proper way to run?

We believe there’s no right or wrong way to run—only your own unique way. We call our philosophy Stride Signature.

Motivated by the scientific discoveries we first told you about two years ago, we assess the way each body naturally runs. Then, we empower runners with choice on how they want to experience the run—be it soft, springy, flexible or fast.

This combination makes for the most comfortable and personalized running experience ever. Simply, we’ve made it easier for all of us to find our favorite shoe.

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Think of these experiences like shoe buckets or categories, each one with its own unique ride that you can choose from.

So how do you find your new running experience? First, you can visit our website here to see which experience your current Brooks shoe falls under.

But, if you aren’t quite sure, or if you want a boost of science and technology to help you see what shoe might be right for you depending on the experience you’re looking for, try the brand new shoe finder.

We overhauled the tool on our website to consider how your joints move, your flexibility, your injury history, your training load and other factors to help you find a shoe that works with the way your body moves. Go ahead and try it out!


stride signature shoe finder, brooks new shoe finder, brooks stride signature, what is stride signature

Of course, getting a gait analysis in a running store is still going to provide you with an amazing, customized shopping experience. Check back here on the blog for information coming on how and where you can get your Stride Signature in person.

Until then, learn more about Stride Signature here and try out the shoe finder here.

We want to know what you think about the new shoe finder and the new experience categories. Love ‘em? Leave ‘em? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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