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5 Unconventional Things to Pack in Your Cross Country Meet Bag

Cross country season is officially here and we can hear grass fields, trails and hills calling our name already. We know you’re busy putting in workouts now, but we wanted to share with you our five unconventional things to make sure you bring to your meets this season.

You’ve already got your spikes (if not, check out our spike nights happening now), you’ll get your uniform and you’ll bring your trainers. Outside of that, though, be sure to bring these items so you can forget about everything else and focus on what matters most: the race.

1. Trash Bags

Trash bags are like the duct tape of cross country running (you could pack some duct tape if you want to be really prepared) because of how many times you’ll find them useful. Try them out in one of these ways:

– When it’s raining or muddy, throw one of these puppies on the ground and use it as a dry place to spike up so you don’t get wet before the race.

– Unexpected downpour? Use a trash bag as an impromptu poncho.

– With the sweat, dirt and sometimes spit (it happens!), cross country uniforms get surprisingly dirty. Stash your uniform in a trash bag after the meet so you can keep the rest of the clothes in your bag nice and clean.

– Use a trash bag as a trash bag! Between sports drink bottles, granola bar wrappers, envelopes from bibs and other items, there’s always trash to clean up after a meet. Pack it in, pack it out and make it easier with your trash bag!

2. 13 Pairs of Extra Socks

OK, so maybe just two or three pairs, but there’s nothing like a pair of dry socks after a muddy race late in the autumn evening. A braver man might even say it’s better than the feeling of a new pair of shoes.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing is quite as motivational as a surprise cheer station. It’s one of our favorite things here at Brooks, and when the trail gets lonely and quiet, teammates blasting jams, cheering you on up a hill or past the runner in front of you is pretty great. Be sure to thank them and pay it forward next time!

Plus, every bus ride needs a DIY DJ. Be that guy!

4. Waterproof Clothes

No matter where you live, no matter how hot, no matter what the forecast, just remember that this is cross country. It’s going to rain one of these days. And if it doesn’t, the team can thank you because your waterproof jacket just became everyone’s new good luck charm.

5. Extra Sweats

Your warm-ups may feel hot and nice up until the gun goes off, but even the tiniest bit of sweat will cool down and get chilly while you’re racing. Pack an extra pair of sweats so you have something dry to put on for days when it’s cool and wet out. You’ll maximize your cool down and the bus ride home will be much more pleasant.

What items would you add to the list?

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