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10 Things to Tell Yourself at 5 a.m. Instead of Hitting Snooze

It’s 5 a.m., work starts in a few hours and you’ve got an 8-mile run to do. Your alarm beeps at you and you reach over to make it stop. You can do one of two things: turn it off, seize the day and do your run, or fall into the endless cycle of 9-minute snooze sessions.

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all probably done both at one time or another. But Hansons-Brooks Runner Des Linden is here to give you 10 things to tell yourself to get you up and out the door for your early morning run. Here we go!


1. If I get out the door today, I can hit snooze tomorrow. <repeat daily>

2. Before the run coffee. After the run cofFEE. All day more time for KAWFEE!

3. A sunrise shot on Instagram is way more bad@$$ than sunset. Create the awesome hashtag on your morning run.

4. There’s something special about accomplishing more for yourself by 8 a.m. than some folks will do all week.

5. There’s something special about starting a nap at 8 a.m.

6. W.W._._.D? Insert running inspiration or running rival here. (i.e. W.W.K.G.D? what would Kara Goucher do?)

7. “I really regret getting that run done in the morning.” -No one ever

8. Trail traffic is a real thing. Beat it.

9. All those fresh spiderwebs on the trail! … What?! … Breaking through fresh webs is a lot like breaking the tape.

10. Defy logic! Get out and run. You’ll feel far more refreshed and full of energy all day … which makes no logical sense, but tell me that’s not the truth.

What do you tell yourself when you’d rather stay in bed than run? Tell us in the comments.

Des Linden is a Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project runner who recently placed fourth at the Boston Marathon and was the first U.S. finisher.

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About Desi Linden
"It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him." -- John Steinbeck PERSONAL BEST: 800 – 2:10; Mile – 4:43; 5k- 15:08; 10k- 31:37; Half Marathon- 1:10:33; Marathon - 2:22:38
  1. Lora

    Love this! I agree, trail traffic drives me crazy. And yes, mornings feel so much more productive when I have that run done. 🙂

    • brooksblog

      @amandaboyer:disqus There’s no beating that feeling of accomplishment! Would you add anything else to Des’ list?

    • brooksblog

      @jesicadavanza:disqus We agree! It makes us wonder how many afternoon runs were originally planned morning runs. As long as you get your miles in, though, right?

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